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Here are some training trends for 2020. The best part is, for most of them you dont even need a gym (which is good news considering the lockdown situation).

Some of the biggest fitness and training trends of the year in 2019 included high-intensity interval training (HIIT), wearable workout technology and garments like waist trainers, as well as all-natural protein bars.

According to leading market analysts, these are the main wellness patterns of 2020:

Working out at home is more innovative and fun than ever in 2020. Smart technology goes way beyond workout bikes; this area has expanded exponentially and now contains a variety of fitness equipment, including advanced rowing machines and weightlifting devices. There are also full-length exercise mirrors that act as a personal trainer its a whole different type of personal training.

Home fitness lets users pick whatever class they want, any time they want. Trainers who dont have access to equipment have the benefit of following popular and trusted YouTube trainers. There are plenty of video challenges and follow-along videos on YouTube.

Household exercises have a lot of opportunities you can do them indoors on a rainy day, they dont need you to travel far after a long day at work and they are extremely easy.

Active recovery is a low-intensity fitness activity performed after a hard workout or physical activity is done. As paradoxical as it may seem, exercising at a lower intensity rather than remaining still is the best way to recover from a marathon or any other sports competition.

Since active recovery encompasses anything and everything that can help Canadians feel better, move better and perform better, it should be something you focus on daily, said Mo Hagan, chief operating officer of canfitpro.

Examples of active recovery training are:

Although this isnt a recent trend, group training has gone to another level in 2020. Apart from training, it gives friends, family and couples time to bond while exercising.

Despite the influx of boutique group training offerings, it is no wonder that group training made it to this list. Group exercise instructors educate, guide and inspire individuals through intentionally planned group exercise classes. Group exercises are designed to be motivational, beneficial and effective for people who are at different levels in fitness, with coaches using coaching strategies that help individuals in their classes achieve their health and fitness goals.

If you dont know which trend youd like to follow, you can find a health coach that can advise you, or select a workout that best suits your fitness level.

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Healthy living: Three training trends set to take off in 2020 - The South African

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