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Sitting for too long can take a toll on your overall health. Poor posture can worsen the condition. Expert explains tips to maintain right posture and how to control the side effects of sitting for too long.

Sitting for too long is linked with several health conditions

From a sedentary lifestyle to job requirements, there can be several possible reasons behind prolonged sitting. These challenging times have also lead to increased inactivity throughout the day. Sitting for long hours leads to muscle stiffness, chronic back and neck pains. Increased screen time is also one of the leading causes that leads to such issues more than the usual. Elevated stress levels, fewer opportunities for movement and upended routines are also some triggers of body aches. When sitting all day, poor posture worsens the side effects of prolonged sitting. It is a risk factor for several health conditions. Dr. Thirumalesh K Reddy, Lead Consultant, Joint Replacement, and Arthroscopic shares some tips to maintain right posture.

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Physical activity of some sort, from simple stretching exercises to a brisk walk for 20 minutes is necessary. Yoga poses may also work wonders. It helps stretch properly and relieves pain. Regular exercise helps improve blood circulation to the affected area and reduces joint stiffness.

Exercise regularly for at least 30 minutes to stay fitPhoto Credit: iStock

Sometimes, mild heat therapy helps in improving joint function. A heating pad or even a thick towel dipped in warm water and wrapped over the affected area would help.

Maintain a nutritionally balanced diet with adequate intake of vitamins and minerals including calcium and vitamin D intake.

Maintaining proper spine alignment in all aspects of life is vital to preventing long-term, debilitating conditions. Total body wellness is the key to living a longer, healthier life free of pain and disease.


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