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14 April 2020

Whether you are shielding, self-isolating or on lockdown, you'll be spending a lot more time at home over the coming months. But there are lots of things you can do to make sure you feel well in your mind and body. Read our easy tips.

A healthy diet can help keep your immune system working well so its a great time to enjoy eating a range of healthy foods and enjoying making delicious food for yourself. If you need any inspiration, search for tasty recipes on the BHF recipe finder.

If you have food in the cupboard or in the freezer, this is a good time to use it. You will probably be surprised at whats lurking in the back of your cupboards those good intention healthy buys, such as pearl barley, lentils and dried fruit. As you might not be used to cooking with some of your ingredients, try starting with the ingredient and then track down the right recipe.

Check out our recipe finderfor some classic, easy-to-cook, basic recipes that can be adapted to form the basis of several different dishes.

Our cottage pie fillingworks just as well on spaghetti or in lasagne, or as a jacket potato topping.

An oven-baked ratatouillecan be served with eggs, grilled meat, or with tinned beans stirred in. You could also serve it with jacket potatoes or pasta for a more substantial meal.

Dont go out to buy food if you can avoid it.

If you need food supplies, you could ask a friend or family member to shop for you and drop the shopping off. Or try online shopping. When you place your order, there will be a place for delivery instructions, where you can write if you need the food dropped off on the doorstep.

Some supermarkets are giving older and vulnerable customers priority for online deliveries. Some are also providing separate opening times for older shoppers check online for details of your local store.

Community groups have also been set up across the UK to help with things like getting food in for people who are self-isolating, older people or those with long-term conditions.

There may not be a group near you, but this list is increasing all the time.

You could also check your local newspaper, or local newspapers website, for information on where to get community support.

Exercise will help boost your immune system and your mood and help you to avoid putting on weight while you're at home. It can also help you manage your heart condition, feel more able to do everyday activities, and reduce your risk of future heart attacks and strokes.

The latest government guidance is that during lock-down people can go out of the house to exercise once a day. A daily walk or jog will mean you get some fresh air and a change of scene. Try to stay at least two metres (six feet) away from people.

You can also exercise indoors.

If youre at home all day, it can be easy to lose any sense of daily routine. So put exercise times in your diary to give some structure to your day. Why not try some morning exercises indoors, and a lunchtime walk? Alternatively, try our video playlist of exercises you can do from the comfort of your living room.

We all need to see and speak to people, and theres lots you could try to help you not to feel lonely. Why not see how many of these you could try?

This is a strange situation for all of us, and its normal to feel scared when things are so uncertain and youre worried about your health. Instead try and take as many steps as possible to protect yourself, feel grateful for what you can, and if you need help, then please speak to someone.

It may also help to get reliable information.

Some people also find that mindfulness and relaxation exercises, getting out in nature, and exercise can help with depression or anxiety.

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