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I opened Your CBD Store in Thousand Oaks September 2018. My mission was to create a safe place, raise awareness of mental health and offer a quality product with personalized experience.You see, as a survivor of a mass shooting (Las Vegas 2017) I found myself filled with anxiety, depression and PTSD. Pharmaceuticals gave me side effects and as a mom of three, I didnt like the cloudiness that came with it as well. After I discovered the benefits of what CBD did for me, I felt that it was now my purpose to spread the word with others going through similar emotions.October 2018 was extremely hard, and it marked the one-year anniversary for us. But it wasnt until November that having a store in the community really hit home. I grew up here in SoCal. I went to school in Simi Valley, played travel softball all throughout Santa Clarita and spent many weeknights in Thousand Oaks listening to country music. Our store is located right up the street from Borderline. I grew up attending Borderline very frequently. When tragedy struck our little town it felt very personal. Shortly after this tragic event, we had people from the shooting start trickling into our store to either find relief or find comfort and we were there. We were there to cry with them, hug them, talk with them all while offering a safe place and quality product. And with the devastation from the Woolsey fire to top it off, our community couldnt seem to catch their breath. I remember a customer calling to purchase a product that she had bought a few days prior and lost it because her home burned down. We mailed her a new one, no charge. We donated many bottles of Pet CBD products because even they were going through panic. And once again, tragedy has struck our community. This time, in Saugus.As one of our employees is a parent of a Saugus student, we are especially effected by this as well. Having this as her community we grieve with everyone and our hearts are broken for the loss these other parents have hadloss of their trust that their children are safe at school, and loss of an innocence of their children that witnessed such a horrific event, and the ultimate horror of the loss of a child. Our doors are open and our arms are open to embrace and support our community as best we can.We are not just Your CBD Store, we are here for our community. To bring light in the darkness and hope during despair. Weve been there, and we understand. We are community strong and are so humbled, thankful and blessed to be serving Santa Clarita, Thousand Oaks and Ventura as your trusted CBD store.

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On a Mission to Promote Healthy Living Lauren Shares Her Story - Magazine of Santa Clarita

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