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Push-ups: They are one of the most effective yet most difficult exercises to do. If you struggle in improving the form of your push-ups, then here 6 exercises that can help you.

These exercises can improve your strength, body balance and stamina

It could take a while before you master push-ups, especially for females. This body weight training exercise is excellent for improving upper body strength. If you follow the proper form of doing push-ups, it can also help in strengthening your lower back and core. A strong core can help in improving your body stability and balance. Push-ups is definitely one of the fastest and most effective ways to improve your body strength. This of course, is along with the fact that you practice doing push-ups daily, and in the right form.

But, if you are struggling to do push-ups correctly, or if you are unable to do many reps at one go, then there are a few exercises that can help you with this.

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Fitness trainer Kayla Itsines recently took to Instagram to talk about a few exercises that can help in taking push-ups to the "next level". The following exercises will not help in improving your strength, but will also improve your push-up form. They can be included in your upper body workout routines as well. "You'll be amazed at how much your push-ups improve," Itsines writes in her post.

1. Plank and Reach

2. Plank Rocks

3. Plank Rotation

4. Push-Up Hold (Knees)

5. Negative Push-Up (Knees)

6. Toes Down (Knees)

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The routine involves a number of plank exercises, which are considered to be full body exercise that can help in improving body strength, balance and stamina. The exercises can be especially helpful people who've had a difficult time in doing push-ups in the first place.

Take the help of your trainer if needed, but make sure you do each exercise with the right technique.


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