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The future of health is transforming before our eyes. With the infiltration of COVID-19 into our world, we are seeing the combination of chronic disease, social determinants of health and communicable disease become the central focus of humanity.

Getting food, medication and social interaction is a challenge for the masses. And in the midst of all this chaos is the need to return to work. The need to get people moving, boost their immunity and reunite those relationships that bring mental health and well-being. But it must be safe and healthy for both employees and our customers. It must be a place they can trust.

The Harvard Business Review defines trust as, our willingness to be vulnerable to the actions of others because we believe they have good intentions and will behave well toward us.

Trust is the link that binds everything together: our relationships, our actions, our expectations of others. We expect businesses to deliver on their promises and behave responsibly. We expect that we can live in our communities safely, depend upon our relationships and rely on certain truths.

As we plan to reopen our businesses, trust will be more critical than ever. The foundation of trust is built upon the basis that ones needs are being met. In order to reinstate this among employees and customers and best position our companies to succeed in the long term, we must access the heart of trust as we disseminate critical information, maintain confidence and contain illness.

Performing a risk assessment and implementing a plan that ensures the health and safety of your organization, will set you apart as a trusted and resilient leader. Doing so with vision and purpose and delivering it competently, openly, honestly and with clear intent, will assist in accelerating your organizations recovery and enable it to prosper and shape the future.

This is the intent and hope of the YMCA of the Pikes Peak Region. To learn and emerge stronger than ever.

Gloria Winters is a doctor of physical therapy who specializes in orthopedics and exercise physiology. She is chief medical officer for the YMCA of the Pikes Peak Region with a focus on health care integration in the community. Contact her with questions or topic ideas at

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The importance of a safe and healthy reopening | Healthy Living - Colorado Springs Gazette

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