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Dr. Amy Garza and the staff at AgeWell provide patients with a full range ofhormone replacement therapyoptions for women during the initial consult. Because we have already analyzed patient lab samples prior to the first office visit, we are able to begin treating the root cause of symptoms during that initial trip to the clinic.

Treatinghormonal imbalancein women is not just limited to a focus on replacing estrogen or testosterone. The symptoms of declining progesterone are often the first things our female patients notice. Additionally, chemical compounds such as cortisol, thyroid and vitamin D often factor into the overall picture, too. After all, women are progressively asked to juggle more and more and it can take a toll on their emotional and physical heath. At AgeWell, each of these important hormones are evaluated through thorough patient interviews and in-depth lab evaluations.

AgeWell offers a number ofbioidentical hormone replacementtherapy (BHRT) programs for women, includingPro-Pellhormone pellet therapy. Dr. Garza is a certified Pro-Pell provider with exclusive training on the administration of this type ofhormone pellet therapy. The universe of therapies that can be custom-tailored to the female patients biology and needs are discussed in detail in theBioidentical Hormone Replacement TherapyandPro-Pell Therapysections.

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AgeWell - Dr. Amy Garza | Hormone Optimization Women ...

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