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As women and men age, the bodys decreased production of hormones can bring about uncomfortable symptoms that may include: increased anxiety, mood swings, depression, loss of concentration and memory, difficulty sleeping, diminished sex drive, loss of muscle strength and lean muscle.

ProMD Health is one of the first medical practices in the area to offer pellet Bio-identical hormone optimization therapy (HOT) for both women and men to relieve symptoms of hormonal decline or imbalance. Advanced cardiovascular risk assessments and continued monitoring will track your progress. Most patients observe improved mood, better muscle tone, improved energy levels, Lower BMIs, improved cholesterol profiles, healthier blood pressure, better sleep, and compliments from their friends and family.Contact us today at ProMD Health and schedule a consultation at our Annapolis, Baltimore, Columbia, or Arlington location!

Bio-identical HOT restores certain hormones to levels that mimic youth, thus reducing many of these undesirable effects of aging. Bio-identical HOT is identical in structure and function to the hormones naturally produced in our bodies.

Find balance with topicals, injectables, capsules, or pellets. Chose what works best for you. Frequency of dosing, ease of administration, and preference are all taken into consideration when planning your personalized therapy.

Unlike animal-derived pharmaceutical hormones, they are plant-derived and are absolutely identical to human hormones. Dr.Gavrila prescribes a precise dosage to address and improve each patients specific symptoms and concerns.

Our goal is to relieve symptoms with the lowest possible dosage. In the initial stages, blood testing is more frequent. Once hormonal balance is restored, testing may be reduced to once per year.

Bio-identical HOT can correct hormonal imbalances in both men and women. Restoration & balancing of DHEA, Thyroid hormone, Melatonin, Testosterone, Estrogen and Progesterone (in women) can have you feeling like yourself once again.

All too often, men automatically assume that as they age, their sexual capacity will diminish. There is no need to accept this loss of sexuality. We should be able to live our lives with the same excitement and enthusiasm we enjoyed during our youth. We live in an age where we can take an active role in our healthcare.

Hormones like testosterone, DHEA, thyroid and others are essential for male health. Hormones can be thought of as messengers that are produced by the endocrine system and then sent all over the body to stimulate specified activities.

Growth, digestion, reproduction, and sexual function are all triggered by hormones and they all depend on each other to work properly. Testosterone in particular is critical for muscle growth, bone strength, brain function, mental health, energy, sex drive and metabolism.

Many men who receive testosterone therapy regularly report that they feel sexier, stronger and healthier. ProMD Health clients say that it makes them feel as they did when they were in their prime. The treatment plans can stop and reverse the physical decline that robs us of our energy, strength and libido.

Testosterone can restore muscle tone and improve stamina. Hormone therapy can restore healthy sexual excitement and desire, which in turn, results in an improvement in mood and overall well-being. Imagine having the drive, motivation and ambition you once had as a twenty something!Potential results of Bio-identical Hormone Optimization Therapy include the following:

We hear you loud and clear, Youre sick and tired of feeling awful Oprah Winfrey. Popularized by many high-profile celebrities, especially Suzanne Somers and Oprah Winfrey, Bio-identical HOT Is not only making Hollywood headlines but is the topic of conversation among women across America today.

Menopausal women have many choices in hormone optimization, but estrogen and testosterone pellets seem to be stealing the show! Lets face it patches are cumbersome, creams are messy and dont work well, and pills create swings in blood hormone levels on a daily basis.

Women who receive hormone pellets find that they feel normal again; many, after suffering for years with difficult menopausal symptoms. These women report no more hot flashes or night sweats. They regain their ability to sleep through the night peacefully and wake up feeling refreshed with a general feeling of well-being. Women who receive both estradiol and testosterone pellets also report a renewed sex drive, and ability to enjoy sex and experience orgasms for the first time in years.

In our experience, no other method of hormone optimization attains the same consistent blood levels and actual positive results.

Women suffering from one or more of the following symptoms may be a candidate for hormone optimization:

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Bioidentical Hormone Optimization Therapy Baltimore ...

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