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When your hormones are in a healthy balance, you look and feel your best. Because your hormones are tied to overall physical and emotional well-being, accurate hormone assessment is an absolutely essential part of womens age management plans.

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) in women is individualized for each patient depending on their medical history, age and symptoms. Optimization refers to obtaining a hormone level to address a patients specific symptoms and support overall health, fitness and function.

All hormones prescribed at our clinic are Bio-identical. Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) recognizes the benefits of hormones our bodies recognize as natural. BHRT is most effective when combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle.

The primary focus of Benessere Clinic is the replacement of natural female hormones including Estradiol and Progesteronein the postmenopausal and post-hysterectomy patient. Recognition of the role of these important hormones in health, wellness and disease prevention is emphasized.

Female patients are also educated on the potential benefits of other hormone supplementation including Testosterone and Thyroid medication. Testosterone therapy can have significant beneficial effects in women including an overall sense of wellbeing and strength, increased lean muscle mass, and reduced fat percentage. Itmay significantly increase libido and improve many aspects of a woman sexuality. Thyroid hormone supplementation is effective in relieving symptoms ofhypothyroidism including fatigue, cold intolerance, constipation and weight gain.

Hormones affect nearly every aspect of a persons emotional, physical, and psychological development. This can include everything from how well they sleep, how they deal with stress, how alert and awake they are, and how happy they are on a regular basis. The body relies on hormonesfor nearly every bodily function.

As people age, their levels of hormones like progesterone, estrogen, testosterone, dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), and pregnenelone begin to decrease. These changes can result in:

These changes can have devastating, substantial impacts on a persons overall quality of life that are often left overlooked. This is particularly disturbing because declines in hormone levels dont just affect mood they can lead to physical changes that pose a real, medical risk if left unaddressed.

Bioidentical hormones have the same chemical structure as our bodys natural hormones.

Bioidentical hormones are one of the most important components of our practices age management treatment plans. This is because a great deal of the decline associated with aging in both men and women has to do with a decrease in hormone levels.

Receiving these hormones can:

When ovaries or testicles function properly, hormones are released into the bloodstream in correct amounts. During menopause and andropause, the ovaries and testicles slow down their production of estrogen and testosterone until they reach a point where they are no longer able to keep up with the bodys demand. Bio-identical hormone replacements are used by the body to meet these needs.

We offer our patients a few different ways to take bioidentical hormones. Sometimes patients choose the method that is most convenient for them and their unique lifestyles; other times, a specific delivery method is recommended by one of our providers based on that patients state of health. Bioidentical hormones can be injected into the body, applied topically, or administered in a slow release pellet that is implanted underneath the skin. Some bioidentical hormones can be taken orally.

The pellets are inserted through a very small incision into the right or left buttock. Its a simple and relatively painless procedure and takes less than five minutes. No sutures are needed, as the incision is dressed with steri-strips. Women are instructed to avoid vigorous exercises for 3-5 days while men must avoid vigorous exercises for 5-7 days.

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