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All kinds of different cars have made it past the million-mile mark. Most of them didn't even require anything more than regular servicing.

Regardless of the brand or model, wear and tear are inevitable consequences of car usage. Additional factors such as climate, road conditions as well as driving style also impact the condition and state of a vehicle.

This is why regular use of a car would also require performing regular maintenance to ensure that the vehicle performs as well as it should and help in preserving or lengthening its serviceable life. Basic maintenance would be regular cleaning or washing, oil change, and tune-ups, that when added together can help keep the car in good condition.

There are many reported examples of how a well-kept car, despite being regularly used have exceeded both the owner's and manufacturer's expectations with regards to its longevity, which in some cases, carsthat have reached astounding one million in mileage.

While pickup trucks are designed as tough, work-capable machines, the Toyota Tundra of Vic Sheppard is an extraordinary example of how tough a pickup can be when his Tundra managed to hit the million-mile mark bymaking at least 125 thousand miles a year. This feat of extreme mileage on a Tundra was later recognized by Toyota and Mr. Sheppard was given a brand-new Tundra for his achievement.

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As a family vehicle, the Chevy Silverado owned by Hugh and Tammy Penington was both regularly used and maintained, however, the couple was still surprised when their truck managedlive beyond their expectations when after six years, it's odometer reading was at 1.22 million and the truck was still going strong and was recognized by Chevrolet for its longevity.

By virtue of its excellent condition despite its age, an old Mercedes-Benz 280 owned by coupleGeorge and Luzstella Kosche was given one of the best recognitionsa car can have by being returned to its birthplace and displayed in a museum after Mercedes-Benz bought the car from the Kosche's and put the 280 as a display car in Stuttgart.

Already a unique car during its time because of it's the backward-installed engine, a Saab 900 owned by Peter Gilbert was an even more one of a kind car when it exceeded theone million mile mark in 2006.

In another great example of human and machine working hard and breaking barriers is of Farrah Haines, a delivery driver from the US who together with her Hyundai Elantra racked up over a million miles while delivering parts cross-country. Hyundai was impressed enough that she later was given a newer model Elantra as a reward.

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Known for its excellent build quality and pioneering safety features, Volvo has also earned itself a great reputationfor making really durable cars. This reputation was again bolstered whena long time Volvo fan, Mr. Selden Cooper, who at that time had his second Volvo - a 1987 model 240, hit the million-mile marker in 2012.

In a remarkable case of long time car ownership and partnership, a 1964 Porsche 356C given to Mr. Guy Newmark as a graduation present is still in his possession after over half a century. More amazing though is that the car still runs great and now has over a million miles on it, a fact made possible by regular maintenance according to Mr. Newmark.

While it is expected that Taxicabs would rack up huge mileage during their service life, a 1963 Plymouth Fury has all other cabs beat with it's1.62 million mile mileage. Owned and operated by Joseph Vaillancourt, a Montreal-based taxi driver, this classic car sadlywas in an accident in 1999 thatfinally ended the long-lived taxi.

As Mercedes models go, the 240D is a legendary car not for its looks or extreme supercar performance, but rather for its tank-like build quality. Best illustrated by a 240D taxi unit based in Greece, thisamazing car was owned byGregorios Sachinidis, who was given a brand new C Class by Mercedes-Benz themselves in exchange for his 2.95 million mileage taxi.

Among the longest-lived cars, the surprising winner is a rare 1966 Volvo P1800 that holds the unbelievable odometer reading of over 3million miles (A distance comparable to 7 round trips to the Moon) and is stillin good driving condition. Owned byIrv Gordon, his P1800 was awarded the Guinness world record in 2014.

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