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Style starts at the home before you go to bed when you moisturize your face, in the shower after you wake up and when you go to your closet to choose your outfit. It happens outside of work hours when your shoes need some TLC or a button needs sewing. Little upgrades here and there can set you up for the day and the right tools can keep your style going for much longer. For that, weve put together this list of style essentials for the home, from head to toe.

First things first: be gentle on your clothes. Use a detergent thats mild and easy on your clothes. While we like our fragrances and cant deny that the smell of laundry is objectively good, save the perfumes for your person and not your clothes.

This goes for the drying cycle, too. It may take more time to air dry your clothes, but that time you put in pays dividends on your clothes longevity (not to mention the Earth).

Once your garments are clean and dry, make sure to hang them up with a good hanger. Avoid the flimsy, thin plastic ones if you can. Clothes are made to hang on a human body (which is three-dimensional). When theyre not on you, they should be hung on a hanger with wider shoulders, lest you want your clothes to slowly deform and lose shape over time. Hangers made from cedar wood help to defend your clothes from moths, so opt for these if you can.

Nobody wants to see a wrinkled shirt. Invest in an iron, especially if the occasion is meeting with investors or your future in-laws.

For the love of Ralph Lauren, do not try to iron your clothes on your bed or coffee table. Invest in an ironing board, preferably one that has a rack to hold your iron.

Steaming your clothes in the shower does not work. Its good for wasting water and developing black mold in your bathroom. Instead, get an actual steamer that will quickly and effectively get those wrinkles out.

Your clothes will eventually need some tune-ups. Plus, learning to sew and mend clothes is a skill you should know since home ec isnt really a thing anymore.

After a good bath soak replete with bubbles, surrounded by candles and meditative tunes, maintaining your leather shoes is the next most-relaxing thing. For that, start with some leather soap like this one.

Once youve cleaned your shoes, make sure to condition them with some leather lotion or oil. Its just like the shower.

Oh, and before you go to town on your shoe care regimen, make sure youre using the proper tools.

Lint happens. Rather than using lint rollers that you constantly have to refill, try a reusable lint brush.

Now lets shift the focus to you. Unless youre going for a world record, keep your nails trimmed and neat.

Taming a mane, trimming the hedges or having a Britney Spears moment, an electric trimmer is there for you.

For those who are deft with scissors to do some mane maintenance, a solid pair of grooming scissors stretches your dollar more than trips to the barber.

Like treating and caring for your clothes, you want to be gentle on your skin, too. Try a soap for sensitive skin thats free of scents and harsh ingredients.

Even the most gentle soap can wash away some of your skins natural oils. Follow up the wash with a good lotion to prevent dry skin and keep your natural moisture barrier intact.

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