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LOS ANGELES, July 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- L-Nutra, a global leader in nutri-technology, and FEAST, a non-profit dedicated to community health and wellness, today announced a new joint effort to address health disparities in underserved Los Angeles communities through a year-long series of wellness programs, food education, and nutrition information that will take place in community settings to address unhealthy eating habits and inequitable food environments in order to create steps toward healthier lives.

"Nutrition is our passion and we believe everyone, regardless of where they live, should have the access to the information and resources to eat better, be healthier and live longer. At L-Nutra, we are working to enhance human healthspan up to 100 years," said Joseph Antoun MD, CEO of L-Nutra. "FEAST is a dedicated organization addressing long-standing nutrition disparities with the infrastructure to make a difference through targeted efforts in these communities. As part of the joint effort, L-Nutra will commit our resources to support FEAST and provide our experts and knowledge to build on the organization's programs, reach and effectiveness."

Food and nutrition disparities are long-standing problems across the U.S. and have worsened during the COVID-19 public health crisis, exacerbating inequalities that factor into systemic health gaps. According to new researchby economists at Northwestern University based on Census Bureau data, nearly four in 10 Black and Hispanic households with children are struggling to feed their families during the coronavirus pandemic.

L-Nutra and FEAST aim to work together to bridge nutrition gaps and support those who are in need, specifically those that depend on food banks and live in food deserts. L-Nutra will supportFEAST's 16-week wellness programs this year in LA that incorporate food education, including nutrition information, recipes and cooking demonstrations, access to fresh whole foods through a weekly grocery scholarship, and support through peer-to-peer sharing circles designed to uncover the underlying causes of current eating habits and create steps forwardtoward better behaviours and healthier lives. As part of this joint effort, L-Nutra will immediately provide direct program support to FEAST's virtual Week of Wellness and annual Fall Fundraising event. FEAST's Week of Wellness, July 27th through 31st, provides daily morning mindful activities, midday fitness activities and early evening healthy recipes, all accessible for free through the organization's Instagram live streams, https://www.instagram.com/feast_for_all/.

FEAST's wellness programs, offered in English and Spanish, have moved to virtual platforms during the pandemic and provide weekly food boxes delivered directly to participants. Delivering essential food items to those that need it most increases food security and decreases their exposure to COVID-19, as participants do not have to leave their homes for their boxes.

"At FEAST, we have made strategic adjustments to ensure the safety of those we serve while maintaining our resolve and commitment to get them the education, resources, and food they and their families need," said Dana Rizer, FEAST executive director. "We are thrilled to have this joint effort with L-Nutra. The nutrition expertise L-Nutra brings, along with their commitment to healthy lifestyle solutions to increase longevity, is a perfect match to help us advance health and wellness in under resourced communities through the power of healthy foods and human connection."

L-Nutra also announced a separate initiative to donate Fast Bar products to hospital staff working throughout underserved L.A. communities, which have been hit hard by COVID-19. This is follow-up to a Fast Bar product donation the company made to several hospitals in L.A., San Diego, Sacramento, New Jersey and New York in April. Fast Bar is a premium nutrition bar that provides nourishment and energy.

"Medical professionals throughout L.A. are working extended hours to treat COVID-19 patients and to save lives. They are our heroes. We hope this donation will help them get through long, demanding days," said Dr. Antoun.

About FEASTEstablished in 2013, FEAST's mission is to promote health and wellness in communities through the power of healthy foods and human connection. FEAST's comprehensive programs combine practical tools like nutrition education and healthy shopping skills with food access, peer-support and community engagement to increase individual wellness so participants can live full, healthy lives. FEAST has impacted the lives of thousands of individuals in Southern California, New York City, and Lincoln, Nebraska. For more information, visit at https://feastforall.org/

About L-NutraL-Nutra is leading the discovery, design,and commercialization of novel,plant-based nutrition programs and therapeutics to enhance human healthspan up to 100 years. L-Nutra translates the science behind ProLon Fasting Mimicking Diet and Nutrition For Longevitywith breakthrough discoveries in cellular-level nutrient signalling pathways to promote healthy aging technologies and to advance the development of therapeutic solutions for age-related diseases. For more information visit http://www.l-nutra.com

L-Nutra and FEAST Announce New Joint Effort to Help Bridge Food and Nutrition Disparities in Under Resourced Communities - thepress.net

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