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The COVID-19 pandemic is causing shortages of important medical devices, foods and products. You may be hoping to boost your immunity with additional vitamin C. Its important to know that fruits and vegetables are still the best food sources of vitamin C. Buy fresh (or even frozen) foods rich in vitamin C. Heres what you need to look out for.

Vitamin C, also called ascorbic acid, plays many important roles in the body. This vitamin is key to the immune system, helping prevent infections and fight disease.

It is a water-soluble vitamin thats found in many foods, mostly in fruits and vegetables. Well-known for being a potent antioxidant, it also has positive effects on skin health and immune function. Vital for collagen synthesis, connective tissue, bones, teeth and your small blood vessels.

The human body cannot produce or store it. Therefore, its essential to consume it regularly in sufficient amounts.

The current daily value (DV) for vitamin C is 90 mg.

The list is sourced who sourced the information from the U.S. Agricultural Research Service Food Data Central.

Other Vitamin C Rich Foods now releases the USDA data in a flat spreadsheet file format for public use. Find out more here.

According to Medical News Today, cooking may reduce the amount of the vitamin in fruits and vegetables. To optimize, the ODS recommends steaming or microwaving these foods.

Vitamin C is vital for your immune system, connective tissue and heart and blood vessel health, among many other important roles.

Not getting enough can have negative effects on your health.

While citrus fruits may be the most famous source of this particular vitamin, a wide variety of fruits and vegetables are rich in this vitamin and may even exceed the amounts found in citrus fruits.

By eating some foods suggested above each day, your immunity should be boosted.

Read this complete guide to boosting your immune system.

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Need Vitamin C Supplementation? Eat these Foods - Longevity LIVE

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