Researchers find the worlds cleanest air at the tip of the planet – The South African

The worlds cleanest air, free from particles, more specifically, aerosols, caused by human activity was found over the Southern Ocean close to both Antarctica and Australia according to a study published this past week titled, Airborne bacteria confirm the pristine nature of the Southern Ocean boundary layer.

In an ever-evolving world, it is certainly difficult to find parts of the world that are untouched by human impact. This was the first study to measure the bio aerosol composition of the Southern Ocean, where the lower clouds over the Southern Ocean were found to be free of human activity and air pollution.

Co-author of the study, Thomas Hill stated, The Southern Ocean is one of very few places on Earth that has been minimally affected by anthropogenic activities.

Researchers thought that they might find traces of human DNA and bacteria. In fact, the only bacteria found in the region was linked to marine bacteria from the sea spray. The research findings are important to the science field as it disproves other studies that state that oceans in the Northern Hemisphere as well as the subtropics have microbes that drift in from upwind continents. The study revealed that aerosols were not travelling south and into the air as previously stated.

Air pollution is considered to be a global health crisis and claims seven-million lives each year, this according to reports released from the World Health Organisation (WHO). Burning fossil fuels does not only pose a threat to human longevity and quality of life but also has a detrimental effect on the environment which in turn, leads to warmer weather and climate change.

With more than 80% of people living in urban areas exceeding the WHO health guidelines an effort to reduce air pollution needs to be a priority.

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Researchers find the worlds cleanest air at the tip of the planet - The South African

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