Retarding Aging: Injectable Growth Hormone (HGH)

Since Dr. Rudmans initial findings, a number of studies have supported the fact that HGH will retard aging, but also reverses the process as well.

Even though called Growth Hormone, the effects are not that it causes you to grow after the age of 20, but to repair and heal.

Despite comments made, Growth hormone is not used to make people muscular, but to cause a lean appearance as well as to provide recovery and healing.

Also there is a tremendous amount of confusion that Growth Hormone is a steroid. It is not a steroid, but is a chain of 191 amino acids.

And because those amino acids are readily available and can cause a secretogogue response (something that allows and encourages more growth hormone to be produced in the pituitary) we have excellent alternatives to increase growth hormone production versus using actual growth hormone therapy.

Benefits of increasing Growth hormone levels include consistent increase in lean muscle mass, loss of the belly fat, improved cardiovascular risk profile, more energy, improved memory, improved sleep and just feeling good. HGH affects almost every cell in our body and it helps to regenerate skin, bones, heart, lungs, liver and kidneys to their more youthful function.

Because HGH reduces inflammation and improves lipid profiles, the heart attack and stroke factors are diminished.

I believe that healing and repairing is the main function of HGH after the age of 20 and with aging when the HGH levels drop to critically low and dangerous values bringing those levels of IGF-1 ( best way of monitoring HGH levels and production) down to below 200, we move into a programmed annihilation mode.

And that doesnt sound very good!

Increasing HGH levels to more healthy levels will begin to restore, recover and heal our aging body. With healthy HGH levels, osteoporosis is blocked, hair growth is increased, and, and skin integrity, once healthy and now injured resulting in the aging appearance of skin with wrinkling and loss of texture, is restored to a healthy appearance.

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Retarding Aging: Injectable Growth Hormone (HGH)

Recommendation and review posted by Alexandra Lee Anderson

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