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Ever notice how Americans have a penchant for abbreviating? In keeping with that penchant, many people now refer to testosterone simply as T. And low testosterone is commonly called low T these days.

The good news is that this trend toward abbreviation signals the growing awareness men have about the decline in testosterone that comes with aging, and the resultant symptoms that compromise quality of life.

Testosterone levels start to decline when men are in their late 20s, and most men will begin to feel the effects oflow T by the time theyreabout 35, with symptoms becoming more and more pronounced as they get older. This phenomenon is called andropause, and is similar to what women experience as menopause. Symptoms of low T include the following:

Symptomsof low T generally come on slowly. As a result, men often have a difficult time recognizing that theyre feeling less than optimal. Theyve just gradually adjusted to feeling poorly, and often have a difficult time remembering what it was like to feel good. We also know that admitting to not feeling well, and acknowledging that low testosterone may be the cause, is considered by many men not to be the manly thing to do.

When we initially talk to people about what we do at Renew Man, many assume that our clients are primarily concerned about specific things like sex drive or sexualdysfunction. Its true: our clients are indeed concerned about their sex lives, and the many other specific symptoms that come with testosterone deficiency.

But the most common statement we hear from new clients is,I just want to feel better. That often means losing the mild depression they might not be aware they have. Prior to treatment, these men have lost their zest for life, or as some men describe it, theyve lost their Mojo.

Dont be fooled by the slow manner in which andropause comes on. Think about how you felt when you were 30, and think about how you feel now. Reflect on the symptoms shown above, and see if they line up with what youre experiencing. And whatever you do, dont let your male pride get in the way of getting help. Low T is treatable. You can feel like yourself again, in your personal life and at work. And as long as treatment for low T is done correctly, its safe and effective.

Renew Man has been helping men with low testosterone since 1999. And 4-6 weeks after your hormones are balanced, you can feel better.

Call us with any questions you may have aboutlow testosterone. You can reach us at 800-859-7511. Or you can request a consultation through ourcontact form. Gentlemen, restart your engines.

Low Testosterone - Renew Man

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