Low Testosterone Therapy & Treatment Revive Low T Clinic

"Simply the best care you will find anywhere."

Revive Low T Clinics are located in Seattle & Kirkland, WA and provide low testosterone therapy for men.

Many men suffering from low testosterone experience a decreased quality of life and increased risk for serious health problems such as bone loss and diabetes. Revive Low T Clinic offers focused treatments that can help you get the most out of life Get Revived!

Meet with one of our experience doctors and find out if you have low testosterone.

Symptoms of low testosterone include:

What makes Revive Low T Clinic so special?

First of all, we offer an enhanced version of testosterone therapy that includes additional assistance with balancing estrogen levels and other related aspects of testosterone therapy such as nutrition.

Also, we accept most health insurance plans and feel we offer a superior service due to our commitment to patient care.

Dr. Barry Wheeler, our main physician, has helped thousands of men improve their lives with testosterone therapy and other treatments targeted at improving quality of life. We are willing to send your testosterone prescription to any pharmacy of your choice unlike other low testosterone clinics that may only work with one pharmacy.

In conclusion, our treatments are designed to help increase effectiveness and reduce side effects. We recognize all patients are different and refer patients to other specialists as needed.

Simply the best care you will find anywhere. Ive had a variety of experiences with hormone replacement over the years and I have to say that Dr. Wheeler is hands down the most competent medical professional I have ever met. I regularly refer my friends to him and I would not trust my care to anyone else.

Becoming a patient is easy!

From diagnosis to treatment of low t we are here to help you. We are passionate about helping you determine if you have low testosterone or not and providing an effective solution to treat low testosterone.

Get the old you back

We accept most insurance and cash patients only pay $150. All new patients receive a free lab test to check your testosterone level with your first visit.

Learn more about the symptoms of low testosterone with this simple online quiz. See if your symptoms match up.

Learn more about what insurance covers and may not cover and what cash options we offer as well. At our clinic you pay for what you get.

We have locations in Seattle and Kirkland and offer patients the option of doing testosterone injections at one of our offices as well as at home.

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Low Testosterone Therapy & Treatment Revive Low T Clinic

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