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Transferring this new technology in three branches:

Maturing the project from 2012 (8 years), in the right place and at the right time our nanoformulations started to navigate the medical evolution landscape in three challenge areas of (1) ZPH antibiotics innovation, (2) ZPH anti-cancer drugs, (3) and uncovering opportunities of a new ZPH nano-formulation against HIV/infectious diseases.

For each of these directions, the synthesis design was modified smartly (the key of success!). This remarkably refers to the obedience of our nanoformulation for an on-demand modification, and its very powerful medical potentials per se. Then, what we create is truly a multi-functional nanoplatform!

Nanomedicine & Nanodrugs ZPH can use the knowledge obtained in the development of antibiotics, anti-cancers (till now against 8 cancer cell lines) and anti-HIVs for drug development in other areas of diseases. Since there should be still hidden potentials for such a powerful nano-formulation design for more big successes, as well, that should be bravely tested. For example; brain cancer, pancreas cancer, etc., which have shown only small gains in survival with current drugs.

This nano-formulation is like this expression: Wie ein Held zum Siegen! (Symphony No.9, Op.125)

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Nanomedicine & Nanodrugs ZPH |

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