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Dr. Fulton – Providing a High-Quality of Care for His Patients for Over 20 Years -Simpatra.Health –

Dr. Fulton is dedicated to providing all of his patients with a superb level of care.

Dr. Fulton is dedicated to providing all of his patients with a superb level of care. He emphasizes using the most effective health techniques to ensure that his patients are in the best position to resolve their health issues. Dr. Fulton is also very accomplished in several medical fields. He is a Diplomate of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and the American Board of Phlebology and board-certified in Emergency Medicine.

Speaking upon his work, Dr. Fulton stated, I have a passion for exploring new ways to help people feel better. Thats what originally drew me to becoming a doctor and continues to drive me. He also stated that My mission is to deliver the best care using the most advanced technology and techniques to give every client the best possible outcome.

Since adding Simpatra's BHRT and technology services to his practice, Dr. Fulton has been able to provide his patients with more options to relieve their health issues. The addition of Simpatras Technology suite to his practice allows Dr. Fulton to go the extra mile to ensure that his patients are receiving the highest quality of care. His practice SKINovative located in Gilbert, Arizona provides hormone replacement therapy for both men and women.

Doctor Contact:William Fulton, MD2557 South Val Vista Drive, Gilbert, AZ 85295

About Simpatra.Health:

Providers investing in Patients with Simpatra.Health

Simpatra.Health, working hand in hand with your provider to enhance every aspect of your patient journey. The goal is to use unique technologies to elevate patient outcomes and to improve patient outreach. Ranging from complex algorithms used during procedures, simple emails informing you of your appointment, or aftercare articles to make you feel more comfortable about the treatment you just received. Whatever your visit might entail, we are firmly committed with your provider in ensuring that every patient has a consistent medical experience and receives the highest quality of care.

Contact:Simpatra.Health15210 N. Scottsdale Rd. - Suite 210pr@simpatra.com480-682-4850

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Dr. Fulton - Providing a High-Quality of Care for His Patients for Over 20 Years -Simpatra.Health -

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The Grooming Products Men Should Be Using, According to Women – InsideHook

There are a lot of things you can put on your face. Add that to the number of things you can put in your hair and on the rest of your body, and its no wonder men have developed a reputation for just reaching for the first bottle of 3-in-1 combination shampoo + conditioner + body wash and calling it a day.

But while I cant blame anyone not born into the same gendered societal strictures that demand women spend countless amounts of time, money and energy on maintaining their physical wellbeing for taking advantage of those lower cultural beauty standards, the fact of the matter remains that a razor and a bar of soap does not a proper grooming routine make. While men may be able to get away with a minimalist approach to matters of cosmetic wellbeing for longer than their female counterparts, neglecting hair and skincare will catch up with you eventually, if it hasnt already.

To help you navigate the vast and intimidating world of mens grooming, we tapped those who know it best: women. Below, four high-profile female experts pull a few of the products they swear by that youll love, too. Consider it an expert-guided tour of your girlfriends medicine cabinet, only you can take as much as you want.

Celebrity hairstylist Netty Jordan recommends this super light and hydrating moisturizer for poreless looking skin, great clean and light scent. While this oil-free anti-aging cream is a bestseller among women, Jordan says its light, barely-there effect makes it perfect for men too. When working with men I always like to keep it clean and light, you always want them to feel like they are wearing nothing on their skin, she tells InsideHook.

Jordan recommends this product for in-control curls. Weighs the hair down for a livened and natural woke up like this hair.

Men and women alike wake up some days feeling tired and puffy. A little bit of nourishing eye cream goes a long way to depuff and even out the delicate skin under the eyes, says celebrity makeup artist and male groomer Amy Zdunowski-Roeder. Brickell Mens Restoring Eye Cream is superb. Its all natural, reduces puffiness quickly and makes you look alive and awake!

For the over-40 set, Zdunowski-Roeder recommends checking out this eye cream instead. Its great for men who are in their 40s and older, she tells InsideHook. Works fast and nourishes. Great stuff!

Gentlemen, please wash your face with an actual facial cleanser. So many men I know use a bar of soap to wash their face, says Zdunowski-Roeder. Bad idea! Bar soap is way too drying and harsh, she says, explaining that this rudimentary approach to cleansing literally strips away natural oils from the skin while also leaving micro-residue on the skins surface. Gentle facial washes, however, like this Khiels one, are designed to clean the face while leaving the balance of the skin intact, she says.

The Tangle Teezer has gained a following over the years as the original detangling brush, but you dont have to have a ton of hair to reap the benefits of this styling tool. L.A.-based celebrity hairstylist Holly Mills recommends men use one to loosen dead skin before a shower and to stimulate blood flow for a healthy scalp, which can help prevent hair loss.

If youre a beginner feeling totally adrift in the wide world of grooming, New York City-based cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Michele Green, M.D. recommends this all-in-one Bevel Bundle to start you off on the right foot. Complete with a cleanser, moisturizer and toner that Green says will prevent any ingrown hairs, exfoliate the skin and accelerate cell turnover, the Bevel Bundle is an easy way to build some semblance of a skincare routine. Youre welcome.

I am not a grooming expert of any kind, but this is one mens grooming product that I, a humble, non-expert woman, swear by. You can read me wax poetic about it here, or you can just buy it.

Nota bene: If you buy through the links in this article, InsideHook may earn a small share of the profits.

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The Grooming Products Men Should Be Using, According to Women - InsideHook

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The Red Carpet Skin Workout by Celebrity Facialist Thuyen Nguyen – W Magazine

Photographer: Craig McDeanStylist: Alex White

In Asia, we believe that when it comes to skin care, you must challenge the skin and muscles in order to train them, strengthen them and keep them remaining toned. Westerners do this with their body muscles but often ignore the face.

Thuyen Nguyen, A-list celebrity facialist (Cindy Crawford, Katy Perry, Jennifer Aniston, Michelle Williams and Natalie Portman are clients) has a point. You may be able to recall the last set of strenuous leg lifts you did earlier this week, but when did you last dedicate some time to toning up your jawline with some facial exercises? Many reputable aestheticians have begun incorporating skin massages and facial exercises into their clients treatments, especially in the last few years. Nguyen takes those skin principles and ups the ante a few notches by also implementing the time-honored Eastern traditions of face cupping, with lymphatic drainage as well as his unique set of Vietnamese facial exercises (an estimated 12,000 strokes per skin session) to keep his bevy of clientele pleased. In town for the Oscars (he is performing facials at Dr. Kevin Brenners office in Beverly Hills this weekend exclusively), he spoke with W about the ins and outs of holistic skin care and the importance of an overall routine that promotes good muscle tone.

Facial massages have been on the up; people are noticing the practice maintains skin elasticity and firmness. When did you personally realize the connection?

Early in my career when I was in the medical field, I volunteered massage therapy for paralyzed patients in hospitals. Because of their condition, they required massage therapy on a regular basis to prevent the damage of muscle atrophy and skin deterioration. Within a couple of weeks, I quickly noticed improvements of muscle tone, skin health and elasticity. Thats when I realized massage is also anti-aging.

There are so many avenues of wellness that your background of Eastern medicine can take you. What exactly inspired you to be an aesthetician?

My background helped me realize the disconnect, and ask, why do we use exercise to maintain health, vitality and youthfulness for our bodies, but not for the muscles and skin of the neck and face? So, I started studying more intensely Eastern holistic care and also the cosmetic benefits of massage therapy, then I pioneered it into my signature Skin fitness within skin care approach. Thus healthy, instant results led me to a client list primarily built on word-of-mouth.

How did you get your big break professionally?

My first public platform came when I was scouted to be the creative director of the Greenwich Hotels spa back in 2006, where I debuted my unique body and facial services. My skin-care line Thuyen Skin Care also launched for the first time there, beyond my private practice. Thats when I was first tagged as the well-kept secret of the Greenwich Hotel. From that project, I decided to venture independently to open my own locations in the Hamptons and Tribeca.

You are known for your signature InstaLiftFacial Sculpting Facial. What makes it so impactful?

Like anything in wellness or holistic medicine, our skin requires a combination of multiple parts to deliver a synergistic host of benefits.So, within the InstantLift Sculpting Facial massage session, the face and the necks skin and muscles go through an intense process of lymphatic drainage, detoxing of all three dermal layers, relaxing of muscle fascia tension, rapid cellular regeneration and metabolism, pore decongestion, and improved elasticity of the skin matrix. All this occurs simultaneously while my millipede fingers thoroughly work in multiple layers of myprofessional-grade line of organic elixirs and serums. Manually, my fingers run unusually fast and have been clocked at an average of over 12,000 strokes per session. Thats how I got the nickname The Maestro from beauty editors.

How does aVietnamese Sculpting Massage differ? Is this theFaceXercisethat you perform on your clients?

FaceXercise is my skin fitness philosophy and features my signature InstantLift Sculpting Facial, which originated from my Vietnamese roots. The significant difference with the Vietnamese approach to professional skin care is that a rigorous facial massage is the main featurewhich is more holistically beneficial and cosmetically enhancing than the slower-paced, lighter-pressure facial massages typical of Western facials that rely more on pampering and product application.

At what point during the facial is the lymphaticdrainage incorporatedinto the massage?

The first part of the 60-minute InstantLift Facial process is a thorough drainage of the lymphatic system which is basically our garbage disposer carrying an excess fluid made up of white blood cells, bacteria and cellular waste. This is such an important functioning system of our body and skin that is parallel to our circulatory system. However, it relies on exercise and daily muscle movements to maintain our health and immunity.

How does cupping benefit the complexion? I am curious, doesnt one risk any acnecoming to the surfaceafterfacecupping since cupping is known to remove toxins?

Like back cupping in acupuncture, facial cupping is a preventative modality that is over 3000 years old, with proven benefits. The difference is when I do facial cupping, I have an application method that does not yield post-treatment cupping marks.Remember, detoxing is definitely a secondary benefit to utilizing it to manually exercise and tighten the pores with the various cup sizes while alternating with sculpting massage. Its rare that acne occurs since the alternating repetitions of lymphatic drainage and massage helps alleviate inflammation.One has a better chance of inflaming acne through invasive pore extractions or low-quality skin products, or even volatile foods. In fact, Ive done this facial on clients a few hours before the red carpet, and its calmed down inflamed cystic acne spots. Facial cupping, if done correctly, also prevents breakouts and recurring blackheads with regular facial maintenance.

How long do the resultsof your facial usually last?

With first-time clients, a facial session yields a more fresh, brighter and healthy glowing complexion fora couple of weeks.Like any exercise, the health and cosmetic benefits will build on top of the previous facial workout.Most of my devoted clients have been with me for years and view this as a necessary part of their fitness and healthy lifestyle so they tend to reflect clear, age-defying complexions at any age and find themselves relying on less makeup to cover flaws.

Does this help pigmentation in any way?

Absolutely.Hyperpigmentation is sometimes rooted in our immune system, which is why discoloration appears more as we age or even when someone is pregnant.Since the massage therapy raises our endorphins and boosts our immune system, this facial helps keep hyperpigmentation at bay and even enhances our skins natural ability to protect itself from harsher environmental factors.

Are you a fan of lasers and peels?

I am pretty organic and holistically inclined in my approach. But I also believe in moderation when it comes to cosmetic lasers or non-invasive peels.Building the skin from the internal to external is my best advice.

Lets discuss your workwithclients that will be walking down the red carpet on Sunday. While every person's skin is unique, whats the rule of thumb for facials before a big event? Do you recommend that your clients get a facial the day before, or the day of,a special event?

Keep in mind that most of my clients are devoted regulars so I have clients coming weekly, every other week to once a month minimum. However, with clients that have special events, public appearances or important photoshoots, they reserve me on the day directly before hair and makeup. Thats actually how my name got passed around the red carpet scene during awards season. Makeup artists like Angela Levin, (who Jennifer Aniston introduced me to eight years ago,) Hung Vanngo (we both work with Katy Perry, Cindy Crawford and Uma Thurman, who originally introduced us) witnessed my work on various clients's skin and generously referred me to others.My skin work helps make their work easier by ridding clients of puffiness and bringing out their sculpted cheekbones with an overall well-rested look.

In your professional opinion, what would be an ideal product to apply before makeup to keep the skin glowing in anticipation of foundation and the layers of makeup that go on?

I would say my Thuyen Skin Care Multivitamin Nourishing Serum massaged into freshly cleansed skin. It quickly revives with organic skin nutrients. Then, follow with theWrinkle & Frown Line Cream.Its a non-greasy skin barrier and a supple skin palette to apply makeup over while still protecting the skin during hours of hot lights and cameras.

Do youhave any particular advice for clients in terms of what to do to their skin or what to avoidthe evening beforeared carpet event, or any special event?

Often red carpet clients arrange to see me one or two days before the important event, then the day-of, since they come in town for more than one appearance and the first is usually to reset their complexion from the stresses and bloating of flying, or a hectic schedule of filming. I do encourage them to stock up on green organic juices and anti-inflammatory foods.But even if they dont have the time or discipline in social settings, I have miraculously delivered to many in a panicI can help them look like they slept for a week.

What skin productscan you not live without?

Honestly, I keep my skin regime simple. I get a body massage regularly and massage my face and neck rigorously daily for a minute while showering. Of course, I use my own results-proven line, but am adamant that without the internal workout, one cannot truly reach their skin goals with just topical.However, with this marathon of L.A. awards, my Hydrating & Tightening Travel Whip has been my secret, TSA-friendly travel companion on those flights.

Any skin supplements you think really help skin glow?

Im an avid organic green juicer, so for me its all about raw, live vitamins and minerals gained from fresh vegetables and fruits paired with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and a whole lemon to alkaline.That daily dose gives me so much energy to last me throughout the day and helps keep the liver cleansed, which in turns shows in a clearer, brighter complexion. Also, I love and swear by the Skin, Hair & Nail Repair Supplement from Pure Essentials. I especially recommend it to my clients, since they are always on the go.

What advice can you give our readers specifically in terms of prepping their skin at home for a night out?

Beyond a healthier meal program with daily green juicea few days beforeevent, I encourage my clients to get their facial passive exercise game on at least the night before any special event.Any minute or more of a daily self-facial massage you can give yourself is a must addition to your skin regimen, between your professional facial massage sessions. I guarantee you that its a fantastic booster when you need a quick recharge to look your best.Everyone has some sense of massage, so I guide clients to not try to be me and focus less on choreographing the massage, but rather rub vigorously the skin of their neck and face in all directions while finishing with upward strokes.The skin is a reactive organ, so the more you manually knead it, the more blood will surface to your dermal layers to deliver nutrients from your foods while removing toxins through your lymphatic system.And lastly, skin care is half psychology. Always view yourself kindly with positive thoughtsthose good vibes with proper rest will help you glow inside and out.

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The Red Carpet Skin Workout by Celebrity Facialist Thuyen Nguyen - W Magazine

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Sunrise Nutrition brings new perspective to healthy living – Newton Kansan

As a registered dietitian for the past 18 years, Paula Miller is well-attuned to the facets and trends of healthy living.

That experience led her to open Sunrise Nutrition Consulting, 359 N. Old U.S. Highway 81 in Hesston, a business with a new perspective on how to address the health needs of her clients.

"During that time, I recognized that a lot of people don't have peace with food. My business is focused on bringing peace with food and body to people, because most of the media out there encourages mistrust in our bodies and talks about how our bodies are flawed, so I'm using evidence-based messages to help people kind of reframe how they see their food and body," Miller said. "Most people, when they think about food, they look into diet culture, which uses external rules for eating. My focus is bringing people into awareness of their internal reasons for eating; the primary ones are hunger, fullness and satisfaction."

Previously, Miller worked as a dietitian in the Army for three years helping in outpatient services and seeing people with diabetes and high cholesterol. Additionally, she worked with the Harvey County Health Department for a time when she first moved back to Kansas and has also worked in home care and hospice.

Miller also currently teaches at both Butler Community College and Hesston College. Through all of that work, Miller became a jack of all trades, so to speak, but opening her own business allows her to specialize. Her focus as on disordered eating, eating disorders and helping clients recover from those something with which she has first-hand experience.

"As a young adult and a teenager, I struggled with my own eating disorder that was never diagnosed. There's such misconceptions around eating disorders, and so I went into this field," Miller said. "Eating disorders in the typical population falls around 10 percent. Among nutrition professionals, eating disorders are in the 40 to 80% ranges. We're trying to figure food out. That's kind of what took me into nutrition in the first place, as it does a lot of professionals who are in this field."

Sunrise Nutrition opened in June 2019 in Hesston and is mainly focused on bringing people peace with food and body, in the words of Miller.

While Miller's unique approach to nutrition is gaining more mainstream attention, she recommends those looking to take the next step in getting some help with their health explore the services she offers and at least start with some form of consultation.

"The model that I use, intuitive eating, there's over 100 studies on this model, so it's really evidence-based. It's becoming more popular in the media, but unfortunately it's becoming a little bit watered down, so it's really important people are looking for a practitioner to find someone who has training in this method. It's not a method to change shape or size, it's a method to make peace with food and body," Miller said. "If people have struggled with their food or their body image for any period of time, it would be really important to look into my services because living a peaceful relationship with food and body allows them to then go out and do what they're really created to do instead of focusing on their food struggles and poor body image."

Miller offers free 15-minute consultations either via phone or video that can be scheduled on the Sunrise Nutrition website. For more information, visit

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Sunrise Nutrition brings new perspective to healthy living - Newton Kansan

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Penn State Extension offers ‘Healthy Living for Your Brain and Body’ program – The Courier-Express

BROOKVILLE Individuals who are interested in learning more about how healthy living habits can benefit your brain and body are encouraged to participate in a workshop offered by Penn State Extension on February 26 from 1 p.m. 2 p.m. at the Heritage House, 4 Sylvania St.

The Healthy Living for Your Brain and Body: Tips from the Latest Research program is designed for individuals of any age who are interested in healthy living and aging well.

Participants will learn about the four areas of lifestyle habits that are associated with healthy aging, and the steps to take to improve or maintain overall health in each area. These four areas include cognitive activity, physical health and exercise, diet and nutrition, and social engagement.

About Penn State

ExtensionPenn State Extension is a modern educational organization, dedicated to translating scientific research into real-world applications to drive progress. In support of Penn States land-grant mission, extension programs promote a vibrant food and fiber system, a clean environment and a healthier population for Pennsylvania and beyond.

Penn State Extension serves individuals, businesses and communities, helping them address problems and realize opportunities through a robust portfolio of educational programs, products and services. With support from federal, state and county governments, the organization has a tradition of bringing unbiased information and support to the citizens of Pennsylvania for more than 100 years.

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Penn State Extension offers 'Healthy Living for Your Brain and Body' program - The Courier-Express

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The Health of Tech – Twin Cities Business Magazine

Our Tech 20 list for 2020 includes a local startup that can produce human neurons in a week, and another that has created a blood test to identify an individuals specific causes of obesitythe sorts of breakthroughs that boggle the mind (of this non-techie, at least) and reaffirm Minnesotas standing as a leader in med tech. But perhaps even more encouraging for our local market (often considered narrowly focused on medical device production) are developments related to the business of health care, such as Verata, a new platform that uses artificial intelligence to cut through the red tape of health insurance authorization. (Take a look atthe complete Tech 20 list here.)

The health care business has been slower to innovate than other industries such as finance. Maybe thats because the focus is on lifesaving treatments (a good thing, to be sure) or because of the complexities of insurance and data privacy. Theres a growing sense among entrepreneurs that the business side of health care is ripe for disruption. Minnesotas role in that evolution could strengthen our broader influence in the startup world.

That drive to keep Minnesota an epicenter of medical innovation is at the heart of the Manova Global Health Summit. The second annual conference last fall emphasized trends in wellness, aging, and business. I had the privilege of moderating the conversation Whats the Venmo of Health? Revel Health CEO Jeff Fritz and U.S. Banks executive vice president and chief innovation officer Dominic Venturo discussed opportunities for innovation around medical forms and secure data, as well as new online tools that could be used for diagnosis, and how tech can promote healthy living.

This month, the University of St. Thomas will debut a new class on the digital transformation of health care. Dont think robot doctors, says John McVea, an associate professor at the Schulze School of Entrepreneurship, who is co-teaching with Daniel McLaughlin, director of the Center for Innovation in the Business of Health Care at the Opus College of Business. Its about using technology to transform the way patients consume health services in the same way that Netflix and Amazon have transformed entertainment and retail.

The special seminar is open to elite undergraduate Aquinas Scholarsmost of whom arent premed. These students are going to go on to be movers and shakers in all fields, McVea says. We want them to know that health care is an exciting, vital field where you can have a dramatic impact for the greater good.

These students are going to go on to be movers and shakers in all fields. We want them to know that health care is an exciting, vital field where you can have a dramatic impact for the greater good.John McVea, associate professor, University of St. Thomas

The class will include entrepreneurial guest lecturers like Manova CEO Mark Addicks, and case studies of local companies such as Minneapolis-based Carrot Health, a software platform that uses data to improve health outcomes.

We might feel like weve spent an inordinate amount of time working on health care. But the focus has been on health insurance, McVea says. People are hungry for real progress.

Minnesota has all the necessary players, McLaughlin says, listing off Mayo Clinic, United Health Group (the largest U.S. health insurer), pioneering companies such as Medtronic, and initiatives like Destination Medical Center, which is pumping $5.6 billion into making Rochester a world-class city for health-related innovation. And, of course, theres Medical Alley, the organizing force for health-related businesses in Minnesota.

What health care employers are really challenged with is workforce, McLaughlin says. Its not that we dont have the talent or great companies, its that we need more skilled labor. Thats a sentiment we heard repeatedly while reporting this issues features. Minnesota is fighting with every other state for their workforce of the future (and of now), says Chris Schad, director of business development for Destination Medical Centers Discovery Square, a new business hub for health innovation. The state can be an attractor to land those folks by emphasizing quality of life and cost of living, as well as the density of tech firms here that offer a safety net of sorts. In our Q&A feature, Steve Grove, director of the states Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED), talks about creative solutions to the labor shortage.

We hope a list like the Tech 20 is one more way to highlight for the next generation of innovators, programmers, clinicians, and scientists how many exciting developments are taking shape in Minnesota. Thats especially true in the health sector.

McVea says it best: Weve got to make sure our brightest and best see health care as an exciting opportunity where you can have a fulfilling career as an innovator rather than a place to be in public administration. We need to make it an aspirational sector for future influencers.

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The Health of Tech - Twin Cities Business Magazine

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Fountain of Youth within reach without surgery –

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas In today's world, millions are spent on cosmetic surgery to keep that healthy glow everywhere we go. However, if you don't have thousands of dollars to pay for it, there are other, more safe alternatives that are non-surgical.

A few years ago I started noticing that no matter how much sleep I got, I just didn't look as fresh as I did when I was younger. I thought maybe it was time to talk to a professional about how I could get back that youthful appearance.

Stress, the daily rigor of life, and gravity all take their toll on the face, and there's nothing wrong with admitting you need a little help to look and feel a little better.

I visited with Dr. Vijay Bingdingdavale, a local cosmetic surgeon, to address my concerns and explore some options. The first thing he suggested was injections to relax my forehead area.

"That'll lift the eyebrows as well. What happens is when we inject these two areas, your eyebrows come a little bit higher, and giving you more of a refreshed look," Dr. Bingdingdavale said.

Then adding fullness to the upper cheeks would bring some balance to my face.

"You see how when you have a little bit more cheek fullness it harmonizes the face? It lifts this and fill this in as well," Dr. Bingdingdavale said.

Using fat transfer as opposed to artificial fillers has an additional benefit.

"We see this a lot, because there are stem cells in the fat, it makes the overlying skin more refreshed and more young-looking," Dr. Bingdingdavale said.

In the end, that's what we all want -- a more refreshed appearance even if we don't get our eight hours every night.

You can catch Dr. Vijay Bingdingdavale on First Edition on Sundays discussing skin care and healthy living.

More from 3News on

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Fountain of Youth within reach without surgery -

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HEALTH CALENDAR – Lifestyle – The Free Press – Kinston Free Press


Take Off Pounds Sensibly TOPS 53, Graham: 6 p.m. Tuesdays at Graham Presbyterian Church (hut), 101 N. Maple St., Graham. New members welcome.

Take Off Pounds Sensibly TOPS 109, Burlington: The club meets from 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. each Wednesday at the Kernodle Senior Center, 1535 S. Mebane St. New members welcome.

Take Off Pounds Sensibly TOPS NC 349, Burlington: 6 p.m. Mondays at Lakeview Community Church, Burlington. Peggy Faucette at 336-584-6245.

Take Off Pounds Sensibly TOPS 367, Saxapahaw: 6 p.m. Tuesdays at the Moores Chapel Baptist Church hut on Church Road off N.C. 87. Nonprofit weight-loss support group. No obligation to join.

Take Off Pounds Sensibly TOPS 371, Elon: 6:30 p.m. each Tuesday at Ossipee Baptist Church, 2470 Old N.C. 87, Elon.

Take Off Pounds Sensibly TOPS 537, Burlington: weigh-in at 6 p.m. and meeting at 6:30 p.m. each Monday, Southern Caswell Ruritan Club, 9614 Hwy. 62 South, Burlington.

Take Off Pounds Sensibly TOPS 650, Burlington: 5:45 p.m. today for weigh-ins at the Harriet House behind Brookwood Baptist Church on Davis Street. Meeting at 6:15 p.m.

NOTE: To find a meeting location throughout Alamance County, visit and click "Find A Meeting," then type in your zip code to find a meeting at a time and place convenient for you. Your first visit is free.


Inspire Meditation: Noon Thursdays, sanctuary of Elon Community Church, 241 N. Williamson Ave., Elon. A shared 20 minutes of silence. Free. 336-512-9859.

Be Healthy Now: Alamance County's free Wellness Community offers activities for all ages, including kayaking, hiking, fitness and cooking classes, line dancing, educational workshops, aromatherapy, yoga, family adventures and more. Like Be Healthy Now Alamance on Facebook or visit to sign up for updates on free events.


North Carolina Breast and Cervical Cancer Control Program: Free or low-cost breast and cervical screenings and follow-up services for eligible low-income, uninsured or underinsured women living in Alamance and surrounding counties. For information, call Christy Burton at 336-538-7855.

Alamance County Health Department: offers immunizations, well-child checkups and dental care for children as well as prenatal care, family planning services and STD treatment. 336-227-0101.

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HEALTH CALENDAR - Lifestyle - The Free Press - Kinston Free Press

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QBRI encourages residents to stay active to improve their health – Gulf Times

National Sport Day was first held in Qatar in 2012 and it provides an excellent opportunity to unite the countrys residents to take part in fun sporting activities.But there is another essential aspect to National Sport Day. It is the timely chance to promote healthy living and raise awareness of why an active and sensible lifestyle is important in keeping diseases at bay.Qatar Biomedical Research Institute (QBRI), part of Hamad Bin Khalifa University, was launched in the same year as the first National Sport Day. The similarity does not end there as QBRI also actively encourages a healthy lifestyle. It does so to improve and transform healthcare through innovation in prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases affecting the Qatari population and the region.QBRI has three centres of excellence the Cancer Research Centre, Diabetes Research Centre and Neurological Disorders Research Centre and all three encourage staying active and eating well to reduce the risk of disease.The Cancer Research Centre focuses on understanding the cellular and molecular basis of cancer initiation and progression with a focus on breast cancer, which is the most common type of the disease among females globally.Dr Eyad Elkord, a Principal Investigator at the Cancer Research Centre, said: Maintaining a healthy lifestyle lowers the risk of cancer onset and different studies showed that significant numbers of cancer deaths are due to lifestyle-related risk factors. Exercise controls tumour growth by mobilising immune cells within the body and releasing some factors from muscles with anti-tumour properties.Moreover, regular exercise and healthy eating habits maintain stability within the body, known as haemostasis, and could help to prevent cancer initiation. Aerobic and cardiovascular exercises, coupled with a balanced and nutrient-rich diet, are highly recommended for healthy individuals as well as cancer patients undergoing treatment. The Diabetes Research Centre serves as a catalyst to promote innovative research on both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes and related metabolic disorders. Its primary goal is to gain fundamental knowledge and enhance the understanding of social, molecular and genetic causes of the disease.Dr Paul Thornalley, Director of the Diabetes Research Centre, said: Exercise is good for the health of diabetics, whether they have Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. It helps to improve your health and also decrease the risk of complications of diabetes.Patients with Type 1 diabetes should check with their physician before taking on a new exercise routine to plan how to best manage their blood glucose and insulin injections accordingly.For Type 2 diabetes, which is often associated with being overweight and obese, exercise is a good way to control and improve body weight, the bodys responsiveness to insulin and blood glucose control. Particularly, in recently-diagnosed Type 2 diabetes, exercise may help along with a decreased calorie intake to reverse the development of diabetes.In overweight and obese people, doing more exercise and eating in moderation to lose weight will help prevent developing Type 2 diabetes. It is recommended to do about two-and-a-half hours exercise per week.The Neurological Disorders Research Centre focuses on investigating neural conditions of increasing prevalence in Qatar and the region. These ailments are wide-ranging and include autism spectrum disorder, intellectual disability, epilepsy, Alzheimers disease and Parkinsons disease.Dr Yongsoo Park, a scientist at the Neurological Disorders Research Center, said: Neurological disorders result from problems of the central and peripheral nervous system but physical exercises and activities can make our nervous system active and healthy, and therefore reduce the risk of neurological disorders.Physical exercise leads to and increases neurogenesis (creating new neurons), neuroplasticity (improving neural networks) and synaptic transmission (enhancing neurotransmitter release and improving brain function) so the neurological benefits of exercise is significant. For elderly people, yoga, walking, running and swimming are highly recommended, but a healthy diet, good sleep and staying socially engaged with friends and family is also beneficial.We should be doing everything we can to lead a healthy lifestyle. That means eating well, exercising, avoiding harmful things, getting enough sleep and avoiding stress.

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QBRI encourages residents to stay active to improve their health - Gulf Times

Recommendation and review posted by Alexandra Lee Anderson

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Healthy Living Facts, Diet and Exercise Tips & Tools for Success

What is healthy living?

This article is designed to give tips to readers about how they can improve or augment actions in their life to have a healthy lifestyle; it is not meant to be all inclusive but will include major components that are considered to be parts of a lifestyle that lead to good health. In addition to the tips about what people should do for healthy living, the article will mention some of the tips about avoiding actions (the don'ts) that lead to unhealthy living.

"Healthy living" to most people means both physical and mental health are in balance or functioning well together in a person. In many instances, physical and mental health are closely linked, so that a change (good or bad) in one directly affects the other. Consequently, some of the tips will include suggestions for emotional and mental "healthy living."

Healthy eating (diet and nutrition)

All humans have to eat food for growth and maintenance of a healthy body, but we humans have different nutrition requirements as infants, children (kids), teenagers, young adults, adults, and seniors. For example, infants may require feeding every 4 hours until they gradually age and begin to take in more solid foods. Eventually they develop into the more normal pattern of eating three times per day as young kids. However, as most parents know, kids, teenagers, and young adults often snack between meals. Snacking is often not limited to these age groups because adults and seniors often do the same.


Tips for special situations:

Physical activity and exercise

Physical activity and exercise is a major contributor to a healthy lifestyle; people are made to use their bodies, and disuse leads to unhealthy living. Unhealthy living may manifest itself in obesity, weakness, lack of endurance, and overall poor health that may foster disease development.


Most individuals can begin moderate exercise, such as walking, without a medical examination. The following people, however, should consult a doctor before beginning more vigorous exercise:

Consequences of physical inactivity and lack of exercise:

Healthy living involves more than physical health, it also includes emotional or mental health. The following are some ways people can support their mental health and well-being.


Avoidance behavior is another key to wellness. Below are described some of the major items to avoid if a person is seeking a healthy lifestyle.

Latest Nutrition, Food & Recipes News

Avoid tobacco use

Tobacco use is the most important preventable illness and cause of death in the U.S., according to the National Cancer Institute (NCI). Tobacco use was estimated to be the cause of 443,000 deaths in 2010 in the U.S.


Avoid excessive alcohol consumption

There are many treatments for alcoholism. But the crucial first step to recovery is for the individual to admit there is a problem and make a commitment to address the alcoholism issue. The 12-step-style self-help programs, pioneered by Alcoholics Anonymous, can be one effective treatment. Psychologists and related professionals have developed programs to help individuals better handle emotional stresses and avoid behaviors that can lead to excess drinking. Support and understanding from family members are often critical for sustained recovery. Medication can be useful for the prevention of relapses and for withdrawal symptoms following acute or prolonged intoxication.

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Avoid high-risk sexual behaviors

High-risk sexual behavior can lead to the acquisition of sexually transmitted illnesses such as gonorrhea, syphilis, herpes, or HIV infection. High-risk sexual behavior is also known to spread human papillomavirus infection, which can lead to cervical cancer in women and other anogenital cancers in both men and women. High-risk sexual behaviors include the following:

Avoid other high-risk behaviors

Sunscreens have undergone changes, and the U.S. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) published new requirements that sunscreens needed to meet starting in 2012. Currently, the FDA suggests an effective sunscreen is rated as SPF 30 or higher and has both UVA and UVB protection (protection against ultraviolet waves of types A and B). In most instances, sunscreen needs to be applied every 2 hours and each time after a person has gone swimming.

Additional tips for healthy living

Although there are many other risky behaviors that may impede an otherwise healthy lifestyle (for example, working with toxic or radioactive materials, drug addiction, travel to areas with unusual endemic diseases), these are too numerous to cover in this general article. However, the reader is advised to visit such topic sites on, or because most of the specific articles will provide tips to avoid health-related problems.

Medically Reviewed on 11/7/2019


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Healthy Living Facts, Diet and Exercise Tips & Tools for Success

Recommendation and review posted by Alexandra Lee Anderson

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