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Tips on restarting a healthy lifestyle after holiday eating – KRON4

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) Its been eight months since COVID-19 hit, and a side effect for many has been weight gain the result of returning to comfort foods, a lot more snacking, a lot less exercise, stress, depression, and anxiety. Now the holidays have added a whole new dimension to gaining weight. But our health expert, Karen Owoc, is here with some tips on how to bounce back from these months of binging and get started with a healthy new relationship with food.

We all know that we eat for other reasons other than just hunger.

The average American gains anywhere between seven and 10 pounds between Halloween and Valentines Day. [DEMO] If you already gained 15 (Quarantine 15), then you could potentially gain a total of 25 extra pounds by next February.

Between the stress of COVID-19 and the holiday season, many people are finding reasons to eat and are gaining weight, so its important to start working on a healthy lifestyle now.

A diet vs. a lifetime eating plan can make you fat. A diet can be counterproductive.

Diets are often associated with the Three Ds: Deprivation, Defeat and Depression. These emotions can trigger a cycle of compulsive overeating, food obsessions, and emotional eating binges.

Most diets focus on weight (that is, chasing that elusive number on the scale) and not on how you feel.

Diets are things youre driven to get on, but cant wait to get off. Your eating plan needs to be something you can follow and enjoy for a lifetime.

Routine dieters usually start diets on Mondays or at the beginning of a new year. Consequently, they eat uncontrolled portions of their favorite fattening foods vowing that theyll never eat them again.

The now or never mindset often results in gaining more weight before the weight loss journey begins.

Avoid dwelling on having gone back for seconds (or thirds) and/or indulging in your comfort foods.

Beating yourself up because you went off your diet will only bring on negative feelings of failure, guilt, and frustration which trigger the emotional eating cycle.

Starving yourself, that is, consciously and severely restricting calories, will drive you to want to eat everything in sight and will ignite the cycle of binging all over again.

Extreme caloric restriction and crash dieting diminish muscle mass. Since your heart is a muscle, you can compromise heart function.

The human body is not meant to be more active when it is chronically hungry.

4) DONT punish yourself with a workout.

Workouts are meant to reinforce positive feelings, i.e., increased energy and greater psychological well-being, not negative ones.

Also, dont negotiate calories with exercise.

5) DONT dwell on past lapses.

Stop recollecting what you ate with regret and guilt. Move on. Learn from your behavioral drift. Otherwise, dont look back unless you plan on going that way.

6) DO eat mindfully the next time you eat. Stay in the present. Youre not dis-tracted by the TV, computer, or phone, and youre focused on your food.

7) DO acknowledge your achievements.

At the end of each day, ask yourself what you did to get you closer to your goal and acknowledge that achievement no matter how small. These are the kinds of thoughts that will propel you forward and sustain your motivation.

Focus on what you LIKE about yourself. Stop the negative self-talk.

The Takeaway: Losing weight is not a sprint, but a slow and steady race. Rapid weight loss almost always results in rapid weight gain. Focus on progress, not perfection.

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Tips on restarting a healthy lifestyle after holiday eating - KRON4

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Healthy lifestyle initiative – The Star Online

JOHOR BARU: The Johor Sports Master Plan 2030, which is expected to be launched early next year, is part of the states efforts to turn the sports industry into a major economic contributor and nurture a healthy lifestyle among Johoreans.

Johor tourism, youth and sports committee chairman Datuk Onn Hafiz Ghazi said the plan was part of the sports and healthy lifestyle initiative announced by Johor Mentri Besar Datuk Hasni Mohammad during the recent state budget tabling.

The master plan is part of our ongoing plans to promote sports tourism with the sports industry becoming one of our main economic contributors aside from nurturing a healthy lifestyle among the people.

Although the sports master plan emphasises high-performance sports initiatives through the Johor Sports Council (MSNJ), it is also trying to make sports the new economic pillar of the state, Onn Hafiz said when contacted.

He had previously said that the state government was in the final phase of completing the master plan.

He explained that it covered the requirement of four key audiences which included high performance, lifestyle, learning and business community.

The aim is also to encourage the creation of a sustainable sports ecosystem as an industry in Johor, he said, adding that the master plan would also focus on job creation, learning opportunities, events, sports technology and research, and sports tourism.

Onn Hafiz said MSNJ would be working together with Sports Johor Sdn Bhd and Loughborough University from the United Kingdom to better prepare Malaysia Games (Sukma) athletes for the Sukma XX Johor 2022 competition.

The state government has allocated RM1mil to the Johor Sports Associations Professionalism Programme aside from awarding a grant to sports associations according to the grade given by MSNJ.

The government will also provide a platform for the people to take part in sports programmes such as the Xtif Johor Prosperous Sports Carnival with a total of RM1.9mil allocation, he disclosed, saying that it involved sports such as sepak takraw, badminton and basketball.

He added that the carnival would be conducted throughout 56 state constituencies in Johor aside from other programmes such as Xtif Johor Fun Ride, Fun Run and E-sports organised under the Johor Youth Development Centre.

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Healthy lifestyle initiative - The Star Online

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Prevent T2 – Preventing diabetes through creating healthy lifestyles – Seeley Swan Pathfinder

Photo provided

Linda Howard, Resource Specialist, Seeley-Swan Resource Center, 406-541-7688

The Missoula Public Health City-County Health Department is offering a National Diabetes Prevention Program called Prevent T2 starting Jan. 20, 2021. It will continue through December 2021. Prevent T2 is a lifestyle balance program carefully designed to help reduce the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. This course will equip participants with the most recent research in healthy lifestyles.

With a focus on nutritional education, physical activity guidance and stress management tools, Prevent T2's one-year course will provide group support to help you reach your health and wellness goals. Prevent T2 is designed for making and sustaining healthy lifestyle changes, supporting prolonged results and prevention of chronic diseases. All classes will be provided online. Classes are held weekly for 16 weeks, followed by four biweekly sessions and then six monthly sessions.

Prevent T2 is paid in full by Missoula City, County and Medicaid insurances. Full scholarships are also available. If you or someone you know is looking to improve their health and prevent chronic disease, this is an excellent program!

If you have questions or would like to enroll please call Courtney Chase, Program Coordinator and Lifestyle Coach at 406-258-4935 or email her at

Wishing you all the best,


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Prevent T2 - Preventing diabetes through creating healthy lifestyles - Seeley Swan Pathfinder

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Raising kids with a healthier lifestyle: Watch experts find easy solutions – Times of India

Raising kids used to be a hard task before the evolution of social media and thanks to the internet, a lot of things are now easier than we imagined. On the positive side, we have access to all the information we need to ace parenting, but then it is also far easier for children to turn towards a not-so-healthy lifestyle with a constant supply of easily available and orderable junk food. However, in these times, it becomes more crucial than ever to find a way of raising children who are aware and conscious about their food choices and why they need to lead a healthier life. In the last of the three #TrasnformYourTeens webinar by Invisalign, moderator Tisca Chopra discusses this topic with noted nutritionist and diet expert Rujuta Diwekar and one of Mumbais leading orthodontists, Dr Jignesh Kothari.

Invisalign system is a next-gen teeth aligning tool that has truly transformed the world of orthodontics. Invisalign system has a series of removable and customized clear aligners, that is not just easier to manage but also helps kids to be more confident during and after their orthodontic treatment. It also helps avoid any inconvenience children could face while undergoing treatment with traditional braces. Invisalign has been striving to make life easier, not just for kids but also their parents. With their #TransformYourTeens webinars, they have guided parents on how to help their children grow more confident and be more comfortable and open. Their latest webinar has some brilliant anecdotes on leading children to choose healthier alternatives and help them say no to junk.

Beginning the hour-long session, mother and the talented actor, Tisca Chopra spoke about how this is a key part of parenting. One of the toughest parts of my journey in the past few years has been to strike a balance between my work and my family. As my little one is growing up, there are so many questions that come to our mind. Some I have answers to and some I dont. Well, in todays Invisalign #TransformYourTeens we discuss some of the topics that we have in our mind. The foundation of a healthy lifestyle starts much earlier from the very initial years of a childs life. They say you are what you eat and thats true, even more so for teeth and gums. We must take care of our childrens diets and meal plans from a very very young age.

She went on to introduce her fellow - panellists Rujuta Diwekar, who is Indias leading sports science and nutrition expert, and a vocal champion of uncomplicating the act of eating right, and Dr Jignesh Kothari who is a well-practicing orthodontist with over 18 years of experience, specializing in invisible braces that make use of the most advanced technology in this segment- the Invisalign system.

The webinar extensively covered various key issues like the dietary choices that young children are currently making, how parents can help them navigate towards healthier alternatives, and of course, the lesser-known connection between teeth alignment and healthy eating habits.

Talking about parents role in helping their children lead a healthier life, Rujuta Diwekar said, I think the most important thing for children to stay away, especially teens to stay away from junk is for them to identify what junk food is. Another thing that parents can do to keep their children healthy is to lead extremely healthy lives themselves. Because we are living in 2020, you cannot tell a child to do something that is opposing your practices. Kids watch and learn much more than they listen and learn.

When it comes to healthy eating, various food options are disputed and argued on. One such food item has to be nuts. Moderator Tisca Chopra posed this question to Rujuta and Dr Kothari and asked for their expert opinions. Heres what they said.

Dr Jignesh Kothari opines, I think nuts are very good. I have them every day, and so does my son. I think it should be a part of our everyday diet. Unfortunately, it is interesting that, with braces, they are prevented from having nuts, because they could break the braces. There is a massive list of dos and donts that came when a young child came to us to get fixed with conventional braces. Now, with the Invisalign system, which is removable, all my kids are free to eat everything. We encourage them to have badam and akhrot and everything. I think it is very healthy and they should have it every day.

Nutrition Expert Rujuta Diwekar says, I think every raging teenager should have at least a handful of cashews every day. Also, some growing children have these growing pains. So a handful of peanuts is really good for them. Walnuts, badam, pista- these are what they should be eating. Useful in fibre, an easy source of Vitamin B and great in taste, they make for an excellent quick snack and a much healthier alternative. I think if you are going to get dental help to take better care of your oral health, it should empower you to eat everything healthy instead of preventing you from eating food that is critical for your growth stage.

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Raising kids with a healthier lifestyle: Watch experts find easy solutions - Times of India

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LifeToGo Launches Its First-Ever Holiday Shopping Guide Featuring The Hottest Health and Wellness Gifts For Everyone On Your List – PRNewswire

SMYRNA,Ga., Dec. 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ --LifeToGo, the healthy lifestyle brand ofAccelerate360, LLC (Accelerate), today launched its first-ever Holiday Gift Guide featuring a mix of their favorite products for everyone on your shopping list. The 2020 Holiday Gift Guide, available at lifetogo.comincludes a mix of health and wellness-focused products that are ideal for foodies and adventurers alike.

"This year has already been stressful enough, so we wanted to take the stress out of your holiday shopping by curating some of our favorite gifts that make shopping for your friends and family easy," said LifeToGo Editor-in-Chief Lisa Pounds.

The 2020 LifeToGo Holiday Gift Guide features well-curated products including:

For the Foodie:

The Ultimate Stocking Stuffers:

About Accelerate 360, LLC:Accelerate360, LLC is one of the leading wholesale distribution companies in the United States distributing a wide array of products in the general merchandise and wellness space. It provides a number of turnkey business solutions for both businesses and brands including sourcing, distribution, program development, market research, merchandising, and marketing. Headquartered in Smyrna, Georgia, Accelerate has 1,300 employees across the US, with more than 20 distribution locations servicing grocery, mass, drug, convenience and other commercial entities. For more information, please visit

SOURCE Accelerate


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LifeToGo Launches Its First-Ever Holiday Shopping Guide Featuring The Hottest Health and Wellness Gifts For Everyone On Your List - PRNewswire

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Building for care: MidMichigan Health completes Heart and Vascular Center focused on care continuum – Concentrate

The second phase in a multi-year investment in health care in the region, MidMichigan Health recently completed construction of the new Heart and Vascular Center located on the campus of MIdMichigan Medical Center - Midland. At more than 170,000 square feet, the new facility consolidates all of the Medical Centers heart and vascular physician offices and specialty clinics, creating a regional destination for heart and vascular care.

Now housed under one roof, the Center focuses on everything from prevention and screening programs, outpatient services, is home to several specialty clinics, emergency services, advanced treatment and research, as well as rehabilitation and restoration.

The initial phase of the $62.8 million project was the new Orchard Building, completed in mid-2019, which is attached to the Heart and Vascular Center, houses support services including laboratory, diagnostic imaging and cardiovascular testing.

This project has been three years in the making and to see it complete, and see our vision as a reality is really impactful, says Sunita Vadakath, M.D., vice president of service lines for MidMichigan Health. The Center will advance our care model, streamline many of our services, encourage collaboration among providers and help us deliver unmatched patient care.

MidMichigan Health provides for care along the entire spectrum of heart and vascular needs, with the exception of pediatric cardiac care and transplant procedures.

We have designed a comprehensive program to look at the entire care continuum, says Dr. Vadakath. From screening and preventative sessions around heart disease, to complex procedures like the Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) and the Watchman Left Atrial Appendage Closure Implant, among others.A waiting room at the MidMichigan Health Heart and Vascular Center.

Situated in between the emergency department and MidMichigan Healths inpatient hospital towers, the new Center offers direct adjacent access to both operating and cath lab facilities.

For convenience and ease of care, we now have one integrated system that allows us to treat patients much more efficiently, even if that involves multiple specialties, says Dr. Vadakath. In cases of urgency, time is at a premium in cardiac care, so this will allow us to continue to strengthen our care model and provide the best environment for positive outcomes.

The integration also helps build on MidMichigan Healths strong performance in emergency response for cardiac care, particularly patients that suffering from ST segment elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI) the most serious type of heart attack.

In 2019, MidMichigan Health completed more than 82,000 outpatient heart and vascular visits and more than 4,000 inpatient heart and vascular discharges, with 62% of the overall heart patients coming from outside Midland County.

The Center advances MidMichigan Healths quality of care through the ability to expedite treatment and services, especially helpful for patients who are not living within the county and traveling for specialty care.

With so many of our patients coming from outside Midland, often it means an entire day for both patients and their family or friends, says Dr. Vadakath. Especially when it comes to some of our more complex procedures, there is advanced testing and multiple specialists involved. So, we wanted to make sure that that time was easy for both patients and their families.

That meant designing for a calm and healing environment built around soothing and natural surroundings. That was achieved through adding abundant natural light, a large water feature and indoor living landscapes.

The design reflects our intent to look at and treat the patient in a more holistic way, says Dr. Vadakath.

The progression and depth of MidMichigan Healths cardiovascular program has been significant since starting with open-heart surgery and angioplasty in 2007.

In a little over a decade, weve transformed from a smaller regional hospital to now a regional cardiac referral center, says William Felten, M.D., cardiovascular service line chief. It gives us the ability to provide advanced cardiac care, function as the patients one-stop service, and do that as efficiently as possible.

The added benefit is the new Center gives MidMichigan Health the ability to recruit top-notch talent, not just for heart surgeons, but for other specialties, as well.

The Services Entrance of the MidMichigan Health Heart and Vascular Center.

The Center gives us the ability to recruit top surgical and specialty talent across all disciplines, whether that is minimally invasive mitral valve repair, robotic surgery or vascular surgeons who do very complex work, says Dr. Felten. This is a world-class facility that allows us to attract other specialties and niche procedures, support our current growth through expanded programs and plan for the future.

Currently, MidMichigan Health serves 23 counties and approximately 938,000 patients as far north as Cheboygan.

Part of the expanded cardiovascular programs includes the addition of a demonstration kitchen, which gives MidMichigan Health the ability to support wellness programs and incorporate all aspects of a healthy lifestyle, including live cooking demonstrations in a kitchen for classes on-site. The Center also houses the space to host conferences and other events.

As a part of the new facility we are also going to have the ability to do live conferences and events with state-of-the-art audio-visual technology, says Dr. Felten.

The entire project was met with an extensive amount of community support, from funding all the way to design and construction.

A true community effort, over half of the Heart and Vascular Centers $30 million investment was donated locally, with the hospital exceeding the philanthropic match goal.

Supporting organizations for the Heart and Vascular Center included The Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow Foundation, Rollin M. Gerstacker Foundation, The Charles J. Strosacker Foundation and the Dow Company Foundation, William Randolph Hearst Foundation, Isabella Bank, Midland Area Community Foundation, TCF Bank, Three Rivers Corporation Foundation, and hundreds of businesses and individuals.The MidMichigan Health Heart and Vascular Center during the construction process, by Three Rivers Construction.

We are so blessed to have this project supported by such an immense amount of help from all different members and organizations within the community, says Dr. Felten. We are looking forward to bettering the lives of many people throughout our region with the advanced level of care provided at this facility.

That support translates to locally built as well, with start-to-finish construction support that was designed and built by Three Rivers Corporation.

The project was completed with over 75% of materials and subcontracting support sourced locally. In addition, the job was completed safely, with zero OSHA recordables experienced.

We are honored to partner with MidMichigan Health to deliver the second phase of this project with the new Heart and Vascular Center, says Jon Lynch, president of Three Rivers Corporation. From design to efficiency, this is a state-of-the-art facility that advances the level of care MidMichigan Health brings to our region by providing talented healthcare professionals a cutting-edge environment from which they can deliver sophisticated, life-prolonging services to our family and friends.

Building for care: MidMichigan Health completes Heart and Vascular Center focused on care continuum - Concentrate

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The power of moms to help their children stay heart-healthy – The Union Leader

Meg Tilly (The Big Chill) opted out of the limelight while raising her children. As she told People magazine, she wanted to make sure they had a hot breakfast every morning. That protected her kids from the often-harmful glare of celebrity and long-distance parenting.

But moms like YOU can make an even greater difference in your childrens future. A study in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology shows that grown children of moms who followed a truly heart-healthy lifestyle are free of cardiovascular disease for nine to 10 years longer than offspring whose moms had moderately or very unhealthy habits.

A childs premature heart risk may start in utero from genetic factors or exposure to moms obesity, smoking, poor nutrition, etc. But even if you made mistakes while pregnant or have a familial risk for heart woes, healthy choices you make for yourself while your children are young translate into their improved heart health when theyre grown up.

Rate your lifestyle. How many of these goals have you achieved: not smoking; healthy diet; physically active; a normal body mass index; and healthy blood pressure, LDL cholesterol and blood glucose levels? None to two your grown offspring are most at risk for early heart disease.

Three to four puts your adult children at intermediate risk. Hit four or five? Youre what the researchers call ideal and so are the chances for your childrens long-term heart health! So if you arent motivated to upgrade your lifestyle for your own well-being, do it for your growing children!

Mehmet Oz, M.D., is host of The Dr. Oz Show, and Mike Roizen, M.D., is chief wellness officer emeritus at Cleveland Clinic. To live your healthiest, tune into The Dr. Oz Show or visit

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The power of moms to help their children stay heart-healthy - The Union Leader

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Venus Williams Introduces Happy Viking, Her Vegan Protein Shake – The Beet

Venus Williams is an inspiration to so many, for her stoic strength on and off the court, but some days, when she was in the middle of a stellar career, she barely felt like getting out of bed. In 2011, at age 31, she had towithdraw from the U.S. Open, suffering joint pain, hand swelling, numbness, fatigue, dry eyes and dry mouth. She said she felt"beat up."

Venus was eventually diagnosed with Sjogren's syndrome, a rare autoimmune disorder for which there is no known cure. In people with Sjogren's Syndrome the body's white blood cells meant to help fight infection instead target the body's moisture-producing glands create extreme dry eyes and dry mouth, as well asoverwhelming fatigue, swelling, and joint pain andoften problems with other organs ortheir central nervous system. Williams had been grappling with confusing and mysterious symptoms for years and thought she had asthma.

The well-known older half of tennis's super-star-sister-duo, Williams had to learn to cope with an autoimmune disease that stole her energy, her ability to play the game she loved and at times her ability to find hope. She told an interviewer at the time, that she was actuallyrelieved to have a diagnosis, finally, since living with unexplained symptoms for years had left her drained.Williams tried everything to treat her disorder, including taking medicine, but in a last-ditch effort to get her life and health back, she switched to a vegan diet. That's when things started to normalize.

Her swelling and fatigue subsided, her vitality returned, andWilliams credits going plant-based as helping her return to the sport she loves. Now, that vegan diet is so much more than just about eating, she says. It gave her back her strength, her health, and her hope. So now she eats this way for "every reason" and explains that her latest project, investing in a plant-based protein, was just the logical next step in helping others achieve their health goals as well.

After being diagnosed with Sjgrens Syndrome, I needed to find a way to fuel my body in a way that would mitigate symptoms of the disease and help me to return to the top of my game both on and off the court.

Williams, now 40, has made living a plant-based lifestyle a public part of her otherwise private persona. She shares little about her life other than a commitment to tennis, to plant-based eating, and to helping others achieve their best selves, through following their passions. Now the 7-time Grand Slam winner, owner of 4 Olympic Gold medals, and an entrepreneurial investor has thrown the full power of her fame behind a new vegan brand, to help others live their best lives and train to their fullest, with the benefit of a plant-based protein shake called Happy Viking. She is partnering with a leading beverage company, Dyla Brands, makers of Stur Drink Mixes & FORTO Coffee.

In an effort to find a protein shake that was plant-based nutritious, tasted great, and fit her busy schedule, Williams set out to create the worlds best tasting plant-based protein shake. She worked alongside top nutritionists and dieticians to help her refine and perfect her at-home recipe. Within a year of going plant-based, Williams made a miraculous recovery and returned to championship form, winning the Doubles Championship at Wimbledon followed by a Gold Medal at the Olympics in London shortly thereafter.

"I created Happy Viking because I want other people to have healthy, effective, and delicious options to fuel their bodies so they can strive towards being their best self in every aspect of their life, said Venus Williams.

Built to provide clean energy to help build healthy muscles, bones, and bodies, Happy Viking is a delicious, balanced, and powerful blend made to "fuel your body and mind." Created by Williams and her team, it delivers what she calls "Complete Body Mind Macronutrients," (or CBMMs). Eachshake has 20 grams of protein from yellow peas and brown rice, 9 essential amino acids, 5 sources of prebiotic fiber for gut health, and DHA Omega 3 and Oleic Sunflower Oil for brain food. We caught up with Venus at home in California, where the soft-spoken winner explained why this new drink was so important to her to share with the world.

Venus Williams: Changing my diet is so much bigger now than when I started. It was first for inflammation and to treat my auto-immune disease, but now I eat plant-based for all the health effects. My disease is something I always lived with, but eating plant-based started out as part of taking care of myself, and now I do it for every reason.

I am not happy I had an autoimmune disease, but I am happy it opened my eyes to eating plant-based. Now it's about long-term health. It's about preventing long-term diseases and it's about being as healthy as I am now, 20 years from now.

Venus Williams: This may be hard to understand, but my training is so extreme and I really only stop at failure. It's not a comfortable place. I do have more energy when I eat this way. But I never feel good when I push myself as hard as I possibly can.

I am training as hard as ever. I actually took three weeks off, to rest for the first time in my life and it made me feel better and now I think I have to work at learning how to do that. Usually, I work as hard as I can, but I think that rest and taking time off will actually help strengthen any limitations I have. Plant-based eating is part of training to my fullest and working with myself.

Venus Williams: It's really obvious to me that living a plant-based lifestyle has helped me. Happy Viking impressed me so much and I want to continue to make plant-based eating a lifestyle choice, and help other people do it too, since going plant-based is what gave me the ability to get back on the court and do what I love. So that in itself is why it's so organically amazing. This is the real deal, and it led me to be able to do what I love.

Venus Williams: Yes. In the morning I have an interesting routine and I don't do what most other athletes do. I don't eat before I train. So sometimes I will have a protein shake or fruit for a quick boost, in the middle of my morning workout, if I need it. I will do a 5- or 6-hour workout, in the morning. But generally, I go without food until lunch, and then I havea massive lunch. But I use the protein shakes for recovery. It's not just a protein drink, it's great for energy and for recovery. The amino acids are great for recovery. A protein drink is something that your body really does need. My favorite flavor? I've got to with chocolate.

Venus Williams:Educate yourself. First know why you're doing it. There are so many benefits to your health. I think most people should look into all the ways it will help you to have this healthy lifestyle and have all this energy. There is so much we could talk about that we probably don't have time for this conversation.

But there are a lot of benefits from it: Less inflammation in the body, less disease, more energy.And if you are the kind of person to go fromzero to 100, then go for it. But otherwise, try cutting out meat and then dairy, and do it in phases. You can just ease into it. Some people start with one meal a day. So there are a lot of ways to get started. But know why.

Venus Williams:What do I eat? Well, nothing in the morning. Because as I said I don't eat before training.

Then I have a massive lunch. It depends on my mood. But I love to have beans and rice and lentils. That's what I love... I am so hungry after training, and I have to go from the gym to the office and I orderlunch so that it's waiting there for me. And when it gets there I am so hungry and happy to eat.

Some days I will have fried rice but generally, that is not enough protein, or I will have a Happy Viking shake for the protein or a super green shake. Something healthy.

Dinner is always a big question mark. Usually, it'ssomething easy like sweet potato.I love soups, hummus. I don't like a lot of carbs. I don't eat a lot of carbs after training. I naturally seem to do a keto diet, and a lot of time I also do intermittent fasting, which know is hot right now. A lot of times I take my Happy Viking protein shake with me, so if I get hungry I can eat that instead of something unhealthy. But for dinner, it's always a question. Sometimes I just have a big salad, which starts with a lot of romaine lettuce and dressing.

Venus Williams:This protein shake is for people who are athletes, or for weekend warriors, or for someone who is looking for a quick pick me up, who needs quick energy, and since the protein is plant-based, it ends up being so much more than just a protein shake.

It's full of healthy nutrients like Omega-3s, ALAs, and probiotics which your body needs. So actually, if you are fueling your body with nutrients and healthy supplements, that makes you feel better. So I think that is pretty much everyone.

I am not thinking anyone would not raise their hand and say: "I want to do good for my body!"

Venus Williams:I have to say it's always changing. I have had several mantras, I don't have just one. One we had when we were younger, when we were playing a tournament, I still love. It's this:

"Since you have to show up, why not compete?" I got it from Serena. We were playing a tournament and we were in a doubles match. And duringthe changeover, I asked are you nervous? And she said: "Since you have to show up why not compete?" I think it speaks to people who may be afraid to give it their all, since alot of time youmight be afraid of failure. But ... Since you have to show up, why not give it your best? She won that tournament, Ii the singles, I remember. And I thought: that's a great mantra.

Today, Williams has been primarily plant-based for nearly 10 years, crediting her diet as one of the ways she has stayed at the top of the tennis game.To purchase Happy Viking in eitherTriple Chocolateor Vanilla Bean, or on It will also be available in Krogergrocery retail stores nationwide in spring 2021.

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Venus Williams Introduces Happy Viking, Her Vegan Protein Shake - The Beet

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Now You Can Lose Weight With Cheat Meals, Here Is How? – Health Writeups

Health plays a vital part in the life of an individual, as the success, work performance, and ways by which individuals spend their lives depend upon their physical and mental health. Losing weight so that individuals can achieve their goal for health is the first step towards healthy living.

Your mental and physical health are both contributing to your personality as well as your work efficiency, no matter which field you belong to. Your health affects your social activities, professional and personal life by keeping yourself fit and improving your quality of life.

Being under-weight or over-weight can be a hurdle in your life, especially your professional life. For example, if you want to join forces, whether air-forces, navy, or army, you need to have a healthy physical and mental condition for selection into the armed forces. Similarly, many other fields do have requirements of which health attributes are the priority.

ALSO READ:Making Diet Easy With Healthy Cheat Meals

You can improve your life by encouraging yourself to adopt a healthy lifestyle and eating habits. Also, try to understand the composition and amount of food you eat and the recommended quantity of each nutrient you must take daily. You can follow diet plans, do physical activity, and encourage yourself to improve your physical state as well as a mental health condition.

Apart from these, understand your body requirements as well as body physiology. Observing your bodys response to different activities and food items enables you to know your bodys relationship with food. Moreover, eat a balanced diet to maintain a healthy body weight. You can control your calorie intake to reduce your weight and reach your goal.

Cheat meals are meals that are not part of your diet plan, and these meals are rich in sugar, salt, or fats. As the risk of gaining weight is high if individuals consume such food items, so dieters avoid such foods whatever their diet plan is.

According to Taub Dix, cheat meals shall not be known as cheat meals, rather they must be known as exciting meals or feast meals. That is because the word cheat gives a negative feeling, the person who has a cheat meal feels guilty about it, but in reality, it is not a sin to eat once a week for a day the food items you love or have a craving for.

The risk of gaining weight becomes high when you are stressed over what you eat, sometimes you do stress-eating and feel anxious because of overeating, such feelings cause a bad influence on the body. As a result, not only do you develop stress or anxiety of over-eating but also feel tired of dieting, living, and becoming lazy to do other physical activities as you become sad for not being able to eat your favorite dishes.

Eating can make you feel energetic, but over-eating can increase your stress levels. Similarly, these changes in emotions cause an effect on body weight. Also, such feelings and habits produce a negative impact on your health. As a result, some people become weak, and others become obese. The overall mental and physical health of individuals suffers.

Bonnie Taub-Dix is a registered dietitian nutritionist and also the author ofRead It Before You Eat It Taking You From Label To Table.According to Taub-Dix, a few days of hearty portions of enjoying rich foods will not jeopardize your diet plan or weight loss strategy. But if you feel guilty, anxious, depressed due to over-eating or avoiding enjoyable foods, you are more likely to experience adverse effects on your health.

If you have a complicated relationship with food, you need to have healthy lifestyle habits that can help you to get back on track with diet and weight loss.

Cheat days are the feast days or celebrations days on which you can enjoy food that you love and are usually avoiding due to your strict diet. Here is the good news, now you can enjoy your favorite dishes, whether they are rich in sugar or salt or are deep-fried. However, what you need to do to eat and enjoy while maintaining weight is that you must control the portion of the dish that you want to eat out of your specific diet.

There are several ways to maintain weight as well as enjoy cheat meals that include accepting your desire for food and the amount of food you consume. Secondly, do not stress over over-eating as you have eaten it, there is nothing illegal in it, and you can only accept it. Moreover, eating a scoop of ice-cream or a chocolate bar will not endanger your health or the hard-work of eating.

Eat every nutrient in a balanced amount, whether its carbohydrates, fats, proteins, or vitamins, as excess and deficiency of any vital nutrient can be lethal for your health. The purpose of eating is to gain energy as well as feel happy about the food you eat.

Do any physical activity but do it daily. Moreover, if you have a cheat meal on a day, it is not compulsory to do heavy exercise on the same day to burn the additional calories. Yet you must do your regular physical activity. It can be walking, jogging, rope skipping, running, or swimming.

ALSO READ:Eat Food In Variety To Improve Your Health

While you are eating any dish out of your diet plan, try to make sure it is organic and nutritious, as the variety of food consumption is beneficial for health. It brings a change in your meal and taste, which in the long-run prevents you from getting bored from your diet.

Once you have a cheat meal, you shall try to get back on track, do not make cheat meals part of your daily routine. However, you can have these meals once a week or a month. Detoxifying drinks can help you lose weight, remove toxins from the body, and boost the immune system.

Eating the right amount at the right time containing the right nutrients is the success of health. Furthermore, exercise also contributes to maintaining muscles active and healthy. Once you achieve your goal for the weight, you can continue the healthy habits with cheat meals from time to time.

In the longer run, cheat meals do more good than bad as you can maintain weight and continue being healthy, fit, attractive, and young, with the right mind and healthy habits. The rule is to eat balanced nutrients and do exercise of and on, to stay mentally and physically fit as well as improve the quality of life you live.

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#WorldAIDSDay2020 : This HIV-Positive woman is leading a healthy lifestyle | Health-e – Health-e News

While there is some evidence that people who are living with HIV and other chronic illnesses may have an increased risk of experiencing severe symptoms and death from Covid-19 this young Limpopo woman who was born with HIV says she is doing everything in her power to ensure that she takes her medication daily.

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Twenty year-old Vhuhwavho Nevhungoni from rural Thathe-Vondo village in Limpopo outside Thohoyandou was born HIV positive.

She has faced the virus since her childhood and mastered the difficult process of sticking to her medications and taking good care of herself.

While growing up I made it my point that I had to take my medications all the times to avoid being sick and lead a healthy lifestyle, she said.

It is a huge responsibility for a young person to always remember that you have to take your medications on time almost every day, but I was able to do it and now I am happy and healthy, she said.

When South Africa went into hard-country wide lockdown earlier this year to combat the spread of Covid-19, Nevhungoni feared that she would not be able to receive her medication which she collects on monthly basis.

But thanks to her medical aid she had been able to receive her ARVs without a hitch.

At first I was worried that I will not be able to receive my medication due to the lockdown but to my surprise I was able to receive them with ease, said Nevhungoni.

As I am on a medical aid, I usually collect my medication at a private pharmacy every-month, so even during the hard lockdown they made sure that they kept my package safe, until I went to collect, she said.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) a record of 26 million people are on antiretroviral treatment.

There is a growing problem however in 2020 with the number of people who are not being treated believed to top 12 million.

That gap is jeopardising our goal of ending AIDS as a public health threat by 2030. Covid-19 has had a profound effect on people living with HIV, as it has for many diseases, said WHO Director-General Dr Tedros Adhanom.

The increased risk has been compounded by disruptions to treatment for people living with HIV.

Sticking to Covid-19 precautions

Nevhungoni said despite taking her ARVs, she has been sticking to all Covid-19 precautions to ensure that she is protected from the pandemic.

I always follow all the safety cautions that everyone else is following such as wearing of mask, sanitizing all the times and mostly keeping to myself. I also try to limit the number of friends whom I spend time with, she said.

Though she managed to overcome various forms of stigma and discrimination while growing up in Vhembe, Nevhungoni said she feels that something still needs to be done to educate rural people about issues pertaining to HIV/Aids.

There is a fear of being judged by your peers and people in rural villages in particular and this stops young people from being open about their HIV status.

The in her third year studying Social Work student at the University of Pretoria, Nevhungoni said that she feels free to live openly with her HIV status in urban areas in Gauteng as she believes that in those areas people have better understanding when it comes to HIV/Aids than in rural communities in Vhembe.

In rural villages some people are judgemental when it comes to people who are living with HIV hence it is not easy for one to disclose their HIV status. Some children in rural villages have been called witches because of their HIV status and have found it difficult during school trips to take medications in front of everyone in fear of being judged, said Nevhungoni.

Nevhungoni also believes a lack of support groups for people living with HIV in rural areas compared to those living in urban areas is a major impediment to this sort of transparency.

In Vhembe something needs to be done to broaden the support, which might go a long way in ending stigma in rural areas. Some people end up defaulting on their medications if they are not in support groups, as they become depressed, she said.

Living without her mother

After she losing her mother to HIV when she was only two years old, Nevhungoni was legally adopted by the late Sue Anne Cook, who is the founder of Vhutshilo Mountain school which looks after HIV/Aids orphans in Vhembe to ensure their growth.

According to UNAIDS, modelling of the pandemic long terms impact on the HIV responses shows that there could be an estimated 123 000 to 293 000 additional new HIV infections and 69 000 to 148 000 additional AIDS-related deaths between 2020-2022.

The collective failure to invest sufficiently in comprehensive, rights based, people-centred HIV responses has come at a terrible price. Implementing just the most politically palatable programmes will not turn the tide against Covid-19 or end AIDS, said Winnie Byanyima, UNAIDS Executive Director.

-Health-e News.

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#WorldAIDSDay2020 : This HIV-Positive woman is leading a healthy lifestyle | Health-e - Health-e News

Recommendation and review posted by Alexandra Lee Anderson

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