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New study reveals the best cities to live a healthy and happy life –

Living a long and healthy life is highly influenced by environmental factors, such as diet and lifestyle. A recentstudyconfirmed the impact of five lifestyle habits, such as smoking, physical activity, alcohol intake, body weight, and diet, on both total life expectancy and chronic diseases.

But how to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

To determine the best places to lead a healthy and happy lifestyle,Lenstorehas analysed 44 global cities across 10 metrics ranging from sunshine hours to the average cost of a gym membership.

Once again, Amsterdam ranks at the top of the best cities to live a healthy and happy life

Here, the top 11 healthiest cities: rating by City / Average life expectancy / Happiness level

1 Amsterdam / 81.2 / 7.44

Amsterdam ranks as the number one location for leading a healthy lifestyle across all 44 cities. Known as one of the most bike-friendly cities in the world, its perhaps no surprise the Dutch capital comes out on top. With over 400 outdoor activities to keep you fit and healthy, and ranking as the 5th happiest country in the world, as well as the 6th best country in Europe for obesity levels at just 20.4% (nearly 10% less compared to London at 27.8%), living in this picturesque city is the top destination for leading a healthy lifestyle.

2 Sydney / 82.1 / 7.22

Sydney experiences 2,636 hours of sunshine hours per year, attracting tourists to the famous Bondi beach, but also giving you more than enough time to take advantage of the 406 outdoor activities. This outweighs the relatively high monthly gym membership cost of 42 and with a life expectancy of 82 years, perhaps outdoor fitness is the way to go.

3 Vienna / 81 / 7.29

Well known for its cultural impact, Vienna not only lets you soak up culture from artwork, music and architecture, but it also offers the opportunity to lead a healthy lifestyle. With an average gym membership costing around 26 per month (nearly half the cost than in Sydney), and the fifth lowest levels of obesity in Europe at 20.1%, the Austrian capital is the perfect destination to lead a healthier life.

Viennas pollution level is also one of the lowest of all cities analysed at 17.33 (out of 100), which is over four times lower than the likes of Beijing with a pollution score of 85.43 (out of 100) and three times lower than Barcelona, Paris and London.

4 Stockholm / 81.8/ 7.35

When looking at the metric for the total number of hours worked per year, Stockholm ranks in 4th position at 1,452 hours (30.25 hours per week), offering more opportunity for a better work-life balance. Taking into consideration other metrics such as its low level of pollution (20/100) and general happiness throughout the city (7/10), Stockholm ranks in 4th position overall.

5 Copenhagen / 79.8 / 7.64

Known as one of the happiest cities in the world (ranking second, beaten only by Helsinki in our research), Copenhagen rounds off our top five healthiest places to live in the world.

If youre looking for the ultimate work-life balance, Copenhagen is the destination for you. It has the lowest working hours per year of all cities at 1,380 (28.75 hours per week). And for those that want to breathe in fresh air, the Danish capital ranks as the city with the fifth cleanest air, with a pollution score of 21.24 (out of 100).

However living in Copenhagen doesnt come cheap. It ranks in third position for the highest cost of a bottle of water at 2.19, outweighing both New York (1.32) and London (1.16).

6 Helsinki / 80.4 / 7.80

Ranking as the happiest city, Helsinki has the lowest pollution score of all cities at 13.08/100. It also features in the top 10 when looking at just the lowest number of yearly working hours. With the happiest citizens, clean air and a healthy work-life balance, Helsinkis number six position is well deserved.

7 Fukuoka / 83.2 / 5.87

Located in the northern shore of Japans Kyushu Island, Fukuoka is probably best known for its food, but its ability to lead a healthy lifestyle shouldnt go overlooked. With a bottle of water costing just 0.78, its easy to ensure youre drinking the recommended 2 litres a day even on the move. The city also has the highest life expectancy at 83.2 years of all 44 locations.

8 Berlin / 80.6 / 7.07

Another city steeped in culture, Berlins average life expectancy is 80.6 years, which may be supported by its relatively cheap average monthly gym membership at 26.11 third cheapest in Europe. Germanys capital also has lots of opportunity to get out in the fresh air with the fifth highest number of outdoor activities in Europe at 254 and the ninth lowest pollution levels in Europe.

9 Barcelona / 82.2 / 6.40

Whilst Barcelona is one of Europes most visited cities, its also in the top 10 for healthy living. Barcelona takes the top spot for the number of outdoor activities with over 580 which is great when paired with its 2,591 sunshine hours.

10 Vancouver / 81.70 / 7.23

Vancouver is famous for offering every kind of outdoor sport and adventure, pioneering health and fitness. With an average life expectancy of 81.7 years, a relatively low pollution score (24/100) and happy residents (7/10), Vancouver rounds off our top 10 locations for living a healthy lifestyle.

11 Melbourne / 82.10 / 7.22

12 Beijing / 75.40 / 5.12

Beijing offers higher salary compare to living expense. The city contains business districts along with world heritage sites.Life expectancy is at 75.40 and fitness membership cost around 38.62. It is a recommended place to at least live once in a lifetime and experience good culture shock.

13 Bangkok / 74.10 / 5.99

Bangkok is another good place to live at least once. With combination of 2,624 sunshine hour and life expectancy rate at 74.10 years make Thailand reached 13th on the rank.

17 Jakarta / 84.39 / 5.28

High in populations and culture, Jakarta offer good amount of sunshine and outdoor activity. Living cost and relatively comfortable with wide ranges of pricing to choose from.

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New study reveals the best cities to live a healthy and happy life -

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Is Cauliflower-Crust Pizza Healthy? A Dietitian Says Yes and No . . . – POPSUGAR

Cauliflower has been a magical shapeshifter in the low-carb world, able to manifest itself as many other popular foods including rice, oatmeal, and probably most magical of all: pizza crust. But is cauliflower pizza crust healthy? POPSUGAR asked registered dietitian Rhyan Geiger, RDN, to weigh in.

Cauliflower everything has been on the rise for the last few years, and this is likely because of the health halo that has been surrounding cauliflower products, Geiger explained. "A health halo is a perception that a particular food is healthy even when there is little or no evidence showing it to be true," she said. Cauliflower itself is healthy since it's a low-carb, fiber-rich cruciferous veggie, which has been shown to be preventative against certain types of cancers. But it's often added to products only because of its popularity in being low-carb, not for its health benefits. "I do think it's great that people are wanting to eat more vegetables with this trend," she said.

Companies use the health halo of cauliflower to their advantage, but if you look at the ingredients list on cauliflower-crust pizzas, cauliflower isn't the only ingredient. It is a flour (often refined flour!) crust with cauliflower added, Geiger explained, and often cheese and egg are added as a binder and to make the crust softer, which increases the cholesterol and saturated fat. Processed food any way you look at it is still processed and not the healthiest option.

The calorie amount and healthfulness also depend on the toppings added. If your cauliflower crust is loaded with extra cheese, sausage, pepperoni, buffalo chicken, or ranch dressing, it's still a high-calorie, high-fat pizza. Because of these toppings, there's not much difference in the nutritional composition when compared to regular pizza, because cauliflower-crust pizza isn't low in calories or fat and still contains carbs. So this means eating it often likely won't help you reach your weight-loss goals.

Homemade cauliflower crust or store-bought crust that is mostly cauliflower can be a healthy option, though, Geiger said. If you want to make your own, try this vegan cauliflower-crust recipe made from a whole head of cauliflower, almond meal, and herbs.

All foods can fit into a healthy lifestyle. It just depends on how often and how much a person eats, Geiger said. Eating high-calorie, high-fat pizza (cauliflower or regular) every day wouldn't be recommended, but having pizza every once in a while is fine. To make pizza healthier, try eating fewer slices with half the plate being some type of vegetable, and go for homemade as often as possible. "Add a variety of vegetables to your pizza toppings, and skip out on high-fat processed items like meats and cheese," she also suggested. Adding veggies like mushrooms, red peppers, onions, and tomatoes to your pizza will increase the fiber and make it more filling without adding tons of calories.

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Is Cauliflower-Crust Pizza Healthy? A Dietitian Says Yes and No . . . - POPSUGAR

Recommendation and review posted by Alexandra Lee Anderson

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Plant-Based Beverages Market Rising Shift Towards Healthy Lifestyle, Clean-Label Food And Beverage Products Across The World To Boost The Market…

""Grand View Research, Inc. Market Research And Consulting.""

The continued push towards healthy and clean-label food and beverage products across the world, coupled with the rising instances of lactose and dairy intolerance, have pushed the demand for plant-based beverages, according to an exhaustive report by Grand View Research.

The global plant-based beverages market is anticipated to be worth USD 22.9 billion by 2027, progressing at a healthy CAGR of 8.0% over the forecast period, as per a study by Grand View Research, Inc. Plant-based beverages, as the name implies, are prepared through the extraction of various parts of plants, such as grain or seeds, in water. The market has witnessed an exponential growth in popularity and demand, coinciding with the rise of the health-conscious consumer. Proponents of healthy lifestyle are encouraging others to shift from conventional food to more natural and healthy plant-based products, which is a major factor driving industry growth. Furthermore, the global vegan population is a major driver for the demand of plant derived beverages and food products. Plant-based milk is also gaining wide popularity among consumers with lactose intolerance condition, which has helped in widening the industry scope.

Lactose intolerance is one of the fastest growing disorders globally, which is anticipated to boost the scope for plant-based beverages, as a replacement for dairy-based milk. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, an estimated 5% to 17% of the population in Europe suffers from lactose intolerance, whereas 44% of Americans fall in this category. Major developed economies such as the U.S., the U.K., Germany, Australia, New Zealand, and Italy have witnessed a large proportion of their population move towards plant-based food and beverage offerings. According to statistics provided by The Vegan Society, the U.K. has the largest vegan population, which quadrupled from 2014 to 2019, whereas the vegan population in the U.S. reached 19.6 million in 2017, which was 600% more from 2014. These market trends are anticipated to boost the demand for plant-based beverages over the forecast period.

The market for plant-based beverages can be broadly classified on the basis of product and flavor. Some of the notable products include soy base, coconut base, rice base, almond base, oat base, and hemp base, among others. These products are either found in a plain or flavored form. The major players in the industry include Dhler GmbH; PACIFIC FOODS OF OREGON, LLC.; WhiteWave Foods Company; Blue Diamond Growers Inc.; SunOpta; and The Hain Celestial Group, Inc. With a continued increase in demand for plant-based beverages from consumers, manufacturers are heavily involved in the introduction of innovative products in the market, especially over the past few years. The current outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has only strengthened the market demand, as consumers have put more focus on immunity, health, and sustainability.

Further key findings suggest:

1 Plant-based beverages consist of a number of ingredients such as tricalcium phosphate, dipotassium phosphate, calcium carbonate, folic acid, zinc oxide, riboflavin, ergocalciferol, and magnesium phosphate, among others

2 According to a research carried out by Brisan Group, 48% of the participants stated that they have consumed plant-based beverages, while more than 36% stated that they consider these beverages for snacking; as a result, the industry is expected to model itself on the basis of such consumer preferences

3 Oat milk has seen a huge spike in its demand in the United States, with its popularity growing by 250% in 2020 in the country; this was reflected in the sales of oat milk in March 2020, which was 478% higher than that in March 2019

4 Soy-based milk accounted for a share of more than 30% of the global revenue in 2019 in the plant-based beverage market; the segment has gained popularity as it is a rich source of nutritional ingredients including vitamin A and B-12, proteins, isoflavones, and potassium

5 The coconut base segment is expected to register the fastest CAGR of 8.6% from 2020 to 2027, as growing awareness regarding weight management among the working-class population is projected to promote the use of coconut milk as a healthy alternative

6 The flavored segment is expected to witness fastest growth of 8.3% over the forecast period, owing to new product and flavor launches by industry participants, which are gaining traction, particularly among the youth population

7 Asia Pacific is the largest plant-based beverage consuming region with a market share of more than 30% in 2019, owing to high concentration of buyers in countries such as China, Indonesia, Thailand, and Japan

8 North America is projected to be the fastest growing region with a CAGR of 8.3% from 2020 to 2027 on account of the rapidly expanding vegan population and increasing prevalence of lactose intolerance in U.S. and Canada

9 The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has led to consumers veering more towards healthy food and beverage offerings, with an extensive survey carried out between April and July 2020 across 18 countries reporting that 23% of the consumers stated that they would increase their future intake of plant-based food and drinks

10Key industry players in the plant-based beverage market are implementing strategies such as capacity expansion, geographical advancements, new product launches, and mergers and acquisitions, as a means of garnering higher market share

11In November 2020, SunOpta announced an investment of USD 26 million into its oat processing facility based in Minnesota, as a solution to meet the higher demand for their oat milk products in the United States; the expansion will enable the company to increase the production to 4 times the current capacity

12In September 2020, Starbucks announced the addition of two new seasonal plant-based beverage offerings, the Almondmilk Hazelnut Latte and the Oatmilk Cocoa Macchiato, at their stores in the countries of New Zealand, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, and Hong Kong

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Grand View Research has segmented the global plant-based beverages market on the basis of product, application, and region:

Plant-based Beverages Product Outlook (Revenue, USD Million, 2016 - 2027)

Soy Base

Coconut Base

Almond Base

Rice Base

Oats Base

Hemp Base


Plant-based Beverages Flavor Outlook (Revenue, USD Million, 2016 - 2027)

Plant-based Beverages Regional Outlook (Revenue, USD Million, 2016 - 2027)

North America


Asia Pacific

Central & South America

Middle East & Africa

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Probiotic Drink Market

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About Grand View Research

Grand View Research is a market research and consulting company that offers market research reports, syndicated and customized reports. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, California. It offers client engagement for business consulting and market intelligence from various domains. The clientele is based across various countries with queries coming from more than 50 industries worldwide. Grand View Research helps its clients to make informed decisions by helping them understand current trends and scenarios. Every year Grand View Research accomplishes more than 300 multi-country market studies to optimize consulting for clients.

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Plant-Based Beverages Market Rising Shift Towards Healthy Lifestyle, Clean-Label Food And Beverage Products Across The World To Boost The Market...

Recommendation and review posted by Alexandra Lee Anderson

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‘Where I Needed to Be’ | News Center | University of Nevada, Las Vegas – UNLV NewsCenter

Talk to Dr. Brandi Alexander about why she chose family medicine as her speciality and she quickly says she loves being able to care for patients that range from the very young to seniors.

It provides the variety I need to remain stimulated by my everyday work, she said.

UNLV Medicine's Family Medicine Clinic at 1524 Pinto Lane, where Alexander sees patients, handles thousands of patient visits per year, including expectant mothers, children, adults and the elderly. Also under its health care umbrella is the UNLV Medicine Sports Medicine Clinic, whose doctors also treat members of the Vegas Golden Knights hockey team and the Las Vegas Aviators Triple-A minor league baseball club.

In addition to treating and diagnosing illness, Alexander and her colleagues provide preventive care, including routine checkups, health-risk assessments, immunization and screening tests, and personalized counseling on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

UNLV Medicine family physicians also manage chronic illness, often coordinating care provided by other subspecialists.They provide ongoing personal care for the countrys most serious health problems like diabetes, cancer, stroke, and heart disease, referring patients when necessary to another specialist for treatment.

An assistant professor with the School of Medicine since November, Alexander grew up around the practice of medicine.

Her mother was a secretary at a hospital in Union City, Tennessee, so seeing doctors and nurses was as common for Alexander as seeing cars driving down the street.

I visited my mom all the time at the hospital as a little girl, she said. I dont know exactly when I decided to become a doctor but it just seemed like it would be a natural part of life to me.

Her interest in medicine only grew stronger, she said, when an aunt bought her a science kit from a JC Penney catalog that contained a microscope and slides.

It was something I really wanted but it seemed very expensive at the time, Alexander said. I just loved it. It helped me see things in so many different ways.

Academics were always important in the Alexander household.

As far as I can remember, my mom took the time to read to me and help me with spelling words. She never turned down the opportunity to stay at the library with me for hours while I searched for books to read. I do come from a family of readers. My grandmother had two bookcases with hundreds of books shed read twice over.

Alexander enjoys reading about Black physicians and professionals and their contributions to medicine and the nation, information that often wasnt readily available during her early schooling.

A graduate of Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Alexander graduated from Meharry Medical College in the same city. At Meharry she also completed a primary care and enhancement fellowship.

Her family medicine residency was completed at University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center in Ohio. In 2020, she also completed a fellowship in maternal child health at West Suburban Medical Center/PCC Community Wellness in Oak Park, Illinois.

There is one childbirth case that Alexander assisted on during her maternal health/obstetrics fellowship that shell never forget.

I had only met the patient briefly to introduce myself and let her know that I would be assisting in her procedure. Oftentimes, nerves kick in once the patient is placed on the operating table and patients begin to look to us for comfort. As were getting her ready she said, Where is my girl?Where is my girl with the braids. That day, the girl with the braids was me.

"In a field where African American women experience increased rates of morbidity and mortality because of discrimination, it was important for me to comfort her and assure her that wed listen to her and do our best at caring for her and her growing family. I felt very blessed. That I was where I needed to be. Being an advocate for women is very important to me.

Married to Dr. Justin Jeffries, who is completing a Pulmonary and Critical Care Fellowship with the UNLV School of Medicine, Alexander has set long-term goals.

Eventually, I hope to incorporate more obstetrics in my practice to use my full scope of training, she said. I love the variety that it adds to family medicine. During residency, I served on several diversity committees to increase the numbers of underrepresented minorities in medicine, so I hope to get back to that. I also had a scholarship that I awarded to students from my high school. Im working on revamping the scholarship in a foundation aimed at mentorship and providing students in high school and higher education with school supplies and study materials for things like the [Medical College Admission Test]."

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'Where I Needed to Be' | News Center | University of Nevada, Las Vegas - UNLV NewsCenter

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Dietitian to the stars Alvenia Fulton blazed a trail in natural health – Natural Products INSIDER

After finding a solution to her ulcers in raw cabbage juice, Alvenia Fulton started a journey in nutrition and natural healing that included becoming vegetarian, earning degrees in nutrition and doctor of naturopathy, authoring books and newspaper columns, founding a health food store in Chicago and being a nutrition consultant to numerous celebrities in the 1970s.

Fulton was born in Tennessee in 1907 and died in Chicago in March 1999. In between, she discovered and learned about the healing power of plants and vegetarian foods, using her knowledge and experience to help people live healthier lives.

As a child, Fulton learned how botanicals from her local woods could help heal illness and wounds. In the 1950s, she suffered from ulcers. Refusing conventional medicine, she turned to juice made from raw cabbage, on the advice of a physician. This led to her studying nutrition, which culminated in a doctorate from Lincoln College of Naturopathy, Indianapolis.

Fulton adopted a vegetarian lifestyle and relocated to Chicago in the late 1950s, where she started the Better Living Health Club to guide members through weight loss and detox regimens. Then she opened Fultonias Health Food Center on the South Side of Chicago, offering customers nutrition advice, vegetarian food and juices, and assorted health food products. Fultons reputation drew attention and patronage from celebrities such as comedian Dick Gregory, dancer Ben Vereen, singer Roberta Flack, actor Michael Caine, comedian Redd Foxx and basketball star Bill Walton. This earned her the moniker Dietitian of the Stars, especially sought after for her expertise on fasting.

Fulton used the written word to reach many people. Her column Eating for Strength and Health appeared in the Chicago Daily Defender, an African-American newspaper then available in print, now available online. She also authored several books, including The Fasting Primer, Vegetarianism: Fact or Myth? Eating to Live, Radiant Health Through Nutrition, and Dick Gregorys Natural Diet For Folks Who Eat: Cookin With Mother Nature!, which she co-wrote with Gregory.

Fulton went toe-to-toe with conventional doctors and others who challenged her work and positions. Doctors don't bother me, she said, in a 1982 Cleveland Call and Post article, according to a blog posted to the NY Public Library site. Only 28% (of doctors) have had nutrition courses in school. That means 72% know absolutely nothing about what I'm talking about. Besides, I have doctors taking my program.

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Dietitian to the stars Alvenia Fulton blazed a trail in natural health - Natural Products INSIDER

Recommendation and review posted by Alexandra Lee Anderson

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Hilary Fannin: The veganism has gone up the spout. I lost the will to pulse a mushroom – The Irish Times

I found myself getting quite excited about a cauliflower the other day. Ooh, I thought, look at that handsome, brainy cauliflower, firm and creamy and capable and just packed with tight little boffin-like florets.

So many possibilities, I mused. Why, I could roast it with garlic and turmeric, or bake it with jerk seasoning and maple syrup. I could pulse it to make a satisfyingly crunchy alternative to rice, or I could just do it plain old missionary position, blanketed in cheese sauce and hidden in the oven.

What larks, eh? I skipped gaily to the checkout, like a spring lamb awoken to the scent of clover.

I think they do something with the lighting in supermarkets. When I got home, the vegetable looked dull, jaundiced and unresponsive. I threw it in the box next to a worried-looking parsnip, in the process discombobulating the cat, who, as I told you, has taken to nesting on top of the veg like an agricultural sphinx.

Oh, when will it be day? I asked myself, slumped on a kitchen chair in my anorak. When will this pantomime end?

Ive done as much oohing and aahing as I can. Ive booed the villains and cheered the heroes. Ive looked behind me and been truly scared, and Im still here, in my grubby kitchen/gym, tripping over barbells, headbutting the boxing bag and getting over-excited about chilli-flavoured sausages. (The veganism has gone up the spout, by the way. Sometimes you just lose the will to pulse a mushroom.)

Listen to me, pussycat, I hissed at the reclining moggie. I just cant take it any more!

This was a line echoed the other morning by a friend who rang me from her bed. I just cant take it any more! she said.

My friend lives alone; shes a gregarious and resourceful character who infuses the world around her with warmth.

I havent hugged a friend since . . .

She trailed off.

Whats the best bit? I asked her.

She didnt hesitate. Ive started painting. I do an online art class once a week. I love it.

Days later, an envelope arrived in the post. I recognised my friends loopy handwriting. Inside was a supermarket catalogue and, tucked inside that, a small painting my friend had made of reeds by water. I stuck it on the wall.

I just cant take this any more, another friend said. We were walking together along a rutted path, mud choking our boots, the wind whipping her words away.

I see my children through a Zoom lens, she said. My work is gone, I wake up every day and think: When will this end? And then I think: Hang on, will this end?

Whats the best bit? I asked her.

She didnt hesitate.

Every day the dog and I walk down to my mothers at lunchtime, she said. The dog loves it. He eats a cubed-up apple, and we chat, my mother and I. And if it wasnt for all this she gestured around her that wouldnt have happened.

A young woman I know, and love, is an advanced paramedic, working with the ambulance service in another city. Reading between the lines of her texts and messages, I hear her weariness from days spent parked in emergency bays, working in the back of an ambulance in full PPE, treating sick people waiting for a bed.

Whats the best bit when you come off your shift? I asked her.

Cooking at home, being outside, spoon-feeding porridge to the hens. Ive learned to be content without being busy.

I texted my sisters, one of whom lives abroad, and asked the same question. I was surprised at the alacrity of their responses. Both acknowledged their loneliness (not least for the other). One talked about becoming more independent, the other of rejecting guilt at not being busy and of the peace that comes from days without plans. But both spoke enthusiastically of the satisfaction of learning to knit (with very big needles).

Others in my deeply unrepresentative sample group talked about the joy of not having to commute to work, of not having to hurl themselves out of bed in the mornings, of having someone deliver their supermarket shopping. Everyone, though, said they would swap these small compensations for a chance to sit together, to raise a glass in their freezing mitts.

Whats the best bit? I asked the reclining cat in the vegetable box. She treated the cauliflower to a hopeful sideways glance. Maybe, in her dotage, she thought it was a friend.

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Hilary Fannin: The veganism has gone up the spout. I lost the will to pulse a mushroom - The Irish Times

Recommendation and review posted by Alexandra Lee Anderson

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Eatin’ Vegan: Plant-Based Dining Options in Boise – Idaho Press-Tribune

Boise keeps growing, even during the pandemic, and restaurants are popping up all over town. Its great because it means people have more options, but one area thats sorely lacked growth is vegan cuisine. However, things are a-changing and Boise is gaining more options for people who choose a plant-based eating lifestyle. Although there are many naysayers about veganism, eating a plant-based diet can lead to a healthier lifestyle and a healthier planet.

One of the main complaints toward vegan food can be the flavor, but these local restaurants serve up tasty fare that could even have omnivores asking for more. There are even some options where meat is still served but the vegan options are safe and delicious.

The Void

The Void is a vegan food truck that opened Feb. 2. Owner Justin Arroues and his partner Rylee Gabbitas put an inordinate amount of work into their food.

Ive been saving up to do this for a while, said Arroues. I was going to open a restaurant but then COVID happened, and I didnt want to support big-ag. So we came up with this idea for the truck, and weve just been testing recipes.

The result is some pretty delicious food. The Void parks in front of Rhodes Skate park and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Customers order the food and pay online, a cashless process for COVID safety.

The truck is currently open 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Thursday, Friday and Saturday, though hours are subject to change. Find updates at and on the The Void Boise Instagram.

Since the opening, the truck has often had to close early because theyre selling out of food its that good. Gabbitas background is in baking, and she said that knowledge really helped her with making vegan cuisine.

It takes hours to make these recipes and so much practice, said Gabbitas. I read cookbooks over and over again. It took so long until we were happy with it. We wont serve it unless were happy with the results.

The Void serves up a big menu for all three meals but the most popular so far is the seitan Devil's chikn breast, the biscuits and Beyond Meat sausage gravy and the cheesecake. Seitan is a food made from wheat gluten and is used in lieu of meat in many vegan recipes.

Its really more of an upscale vegan fast food, and prices reflect the work that goes into it.

Arroues and Gabbitas said the desserts will change and rotate and theyll add more items. Once they get into the swing of things, they should have a little something for everyone.

My main reason for this was Im trying to make food for all people, especially meat eaters, said Arroues. The goal is to make really good food, and it might even help someone be healthier or begin to transition to veganism.

He recommends trying the fishless filets, spicy chikn sandwich or rotini and cheese.

Vegan Soul

The winner of PETAs Vegan Soul Food Award, this pop-up restaurant is a local favorite. Owner Mae Gaines has had some ups and downs trying to get the restaurant up and running, even breaking both ankles at one point, but shes persevered and pivoted when necessary.

I was going to make my big debut in January last year, but the pandemic happened and God had other plans, Gaines said. So I changed plans because I had to keep it going, and Im also scouting new locations.

For now people can browse the menu on the website,, and order online or call orders in. The restaurant pops up sporadically all over the city. The next one is at CHOW marketplace on Saturday and Sunday, Feb. 27-28. Its in celebration of Vegan Souls one-year anniversary, and the restaurant will debut its new BBQ vegan ribz.

The most popular items on the menu are the southern mock fried chicken, made out of mushrooms, a very rich macaroni and cheese and a peach cobbler. The menu and availability can change, so people can check Facebook or the website for updates.

Gaines has no plans for slowing down; shes working on adding new desserts like a pineapple upside-down cake and a banana pudding. For the summer shes also planning to serve barbecue-like vegan sausages, brisket and the new ribz.

If people like the sound of the upcoming menu, they can also go to the website and support Vegan Souls fundraiser to find a new permanent space.

High Note Cafe

The High Notes owner Maria Bahruch was already vegan, and she said the decision to make the restaurant all plant-based was, for her, a no-brainer.

The thing with cooking vegan food is, its like science, said Bahruch. Its really not hard, just about figuring it out. The best thing to do is to read recipes and take it all in and then figure out how to do it on your own.

The restaurant was only serving take-out but is now putting up outside tables for dining. The most popular item is the breakfast burrito Bahruch said they sell one for every other item, but everything is tasty. The restaurant also makes the seitan in-house, different soups that rotate and tasty desserts like fruit pies. For the full menu people can check out the website. She also plans on bringing back a popular French chocolate mousse cake.

During quarantine, Bahruch began experimenting with making cheeses, and High Note now serves homemade vegan mozzarella, parmesan and nacho cheese. Bahruch said the cheeses are not only delicious, theyre also healthier for people, and she just wants people to have more options.

Im excited even when I see other vegan restaurants open, its about time, said Bahruch. Boise is so far behind for vegan options and when I did it, it was scary because no one else had. Now more people are doing it, and thats great because we need it and its delicious.

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Eatin' Vegan: Plant-Based Dining Options in Boise - Idaho Press-Tribune

Recommendation and review posted by Alexandra Lee Anderson

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Expert Reveals Key Information That Men Need to Know About Testosterone – KMJ Now

Studies have shown that men over the age of 65 may benefit from taking the hormone testosterone. According toDr. Mirkin.comstudies have shown that testosterone increases bone density, raises hemoglobin levels in men with anemia, and improves sexual function. Reviews were mixed on whether testosterone improved heart health, however.

According to a study published in JAMA, testosterone significantly increased plaque in the arteries that lead to the heart. However, another study found that using testosterone gel for threeyears reduced the rate of heart attacks in men by 25%.

Dr. David B. Samadhi, a board-certified urologist, a Newsmax contributor, the director of Mens Health and Urologic Oncology at St. Francis Hospital in Roselyn, New York, and the author ofThe Ultimate MANual: Dr. Samadhis Guide to Mens Health and Wellness, tells Newsmaxthat the hormone is quite often overused because of its macho man association.

Of course, testosterone is a necessary and potent chemical messenger that indeed directly influences many physiological processes in a mans body, Samadi explains. Testosterone influences mens sex drive, bone mass, fat distribution, and muscle mass and strength, among other things. What man doesnt want to look strong, muscular, and ready for sex at the drop of a hat?

But the expert warns that advertisers understand this and play upon this notion by touting unproven products.

I remember a 2014 Time magazine cover story titled, Manopause that featured aprovocative cover and delved into the clever marketing and tons of money spent into making men believe that more testosterone is their quick fix and best remedy for remaining youthful and virile.

Thats why on any given day of the year, you see or hear commercials hawking a testosterone supplement promising to bring back mens youthful vigor, says Samadi.

As a urologist and prostate cancer surgeon, my advice to men is stay away from any spa, TV ads or any nonmedical person selling supplements for low T, he says. Testing testosterone and getting an accurate measurement can be tricky since levels fluctuate during the day.Only a doctor should be checking a mans testosterone levels. Testosterone levels should be checked before 9:00 a.m. when levels are their highest. Also, two tests are necessary to check for accuracy.

Samadi says that testosterone deficiency may or may not have symptoms.

But I can tell you, men with low T are like a car thats run out of gas they may be depressed, lack energy, motivation, and self-confidence, have reduced muscle mass and increased fat mass, loss of body hair, hot flashes, fewer spontaneous erections or difficulty sustaining erections, and have little interest in sex, he adds.

For any man who does have low testosterone, the benefits of hormone replacement therapy usually outweigh the risk., advises the expert. When men are selected correctly for using this therapy, it can be very helpful. Testosterone therapy for these men can help maintain muscle mass, slow osteoporosis, boost energy and stamina, and bring back their love life. But, I stress, its critical these men must be under surveillance with their doctor. Testosterone levels must be checked regularly as one possible side effect of testosterone therapy is it could stimulate the growth of prostate cancer cells.

Men who think they have low T, should talk to their doctor, get tested, and if therapy is needed, follow-up with their doctor periodically to have testosterone levels checked making sure the therapy is not causing any health problems, says Samadhi.

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Expert Reveals Key Information That Men Need to Know About Testosterone - KMJ Now

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Pham named Guy and Ella Mae Magness Professor of Medicine – Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis

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Rheumatologist develops nanomedicine approaches for inflammatory diseases

Christine Pham, MD, works in her lab in 2017. A rheumatologist who specializes in nanomedicine approaches to inflammatory diseases, Pham has been named the inaugural Guy and Ella Mae Magness Professor of Medicine at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.

Christine Pham, MD, director of the Division of Rheumatology at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, has been named the inaugural Guy and Ella Mae Magness Professor of Medicine.

Pham was chosen for the honor in recognition of her work involving nanomedicine approaches in the treatment of inflammatory diseases and the role of biomolecules known as proteases in inflammatory processes. The Department of Medicine established the Guy and Ella Mae Magness Professorship in Medicine in 2018 with proceeds from the Ella Mae Magness Trust.

I am delighted to recognize Dr. Phams accomplishments with this professorship named for two noted health professionals and graduates of Washington University, said Chancellor Andrew D. Martin. Dr. Guy and Ella Mae Magness worked tirelessly to promote public health, and their dedication to medicine and to our community is reflected in Dr. Pham. She has distinguished herself both in her research on the role of neutrophil proteases in inflammatory arthritis and her commitment to mentoring and supporting junior faculty.

Pham will be officially installed when the COVID-19 pandemic is under control. She will be installed by David H. Perlmutter, MD, executive vice chancellor for medical affairs, the George and Carol Bauer Dean of the School of Medicine, and the Spencer T. and Ann W. Olin Distinguished Professor; and Victoria J. Fraser, MD, the Adolphus Busch Professor of Medicine and head of the Department of Medicine.

Also a professor of pathology & immunology, Pham more recently has focused on nanomedicine approaches for various inflammatory conditions including rheumatoid arthritis, a chronic, incapacitating disease involving painful, swollen joints. Nanomedicine involves using tiny transport particles for a concentrated delivery of therapeutics directly to specific sites such as the joints. Nanoparticle formulations also help protect unstable drugs from degradation in the bloodstream, thereby unlocking the potential of new kinds of therapeutics. Pham employs a nanocomplex that protects an unstable experimental arthritis drug and efficiently delivers it to the joints, where it suppresses specific and harmful pathways that cause inflammation in diseased tissues without affecting the global immune system.

Christine Pham exemplifies faculty who are the foundation of what we do at the School of Medicine today and are poised to do tomorrow, Perlmutter said. She is an outstanding physician-scientist with expertise in immunology, rheumatology and translational approaches to inflammatory arthritis and autoimmune diseases. She draws upon this broad expertise to promote multidisciplinary research in inflammatory diseases with the goal of developing better treatments for patients.

Pham directs Washington Universitys Rheumatic Diseases Research Resource-Based Center, which provides resources to accelerate basic and translational research into rheumatic diseases, aiming to improve treatment for people suffering from rheumatic diseases such as arthritis, lupus and vasculitis, an inflammation of the blood vessels.

Before moving into nanomedicine, Pham explored the role of proteases enzymes that break down proteins produced by certain white blood cells in inflammatory diseases. Her laboratory cloned and characterized the protease cathepsin C. Her work led to the development of cathepsin C inhibitors that are in clinical trials for a form of chronic inflammatory lung disease.

Dr. Christine Phams work on the role of innate and adaptive immune responses in various inflammatory processes has led to the identification of new therapeutic targets for these diseases, Fraser said. She is an esteemed member of the Washington University community who has a deep commitment to innovative multidisciplinary research. She is an outstanding mentor and champion for residents, fellows and junior faculty. She is well-deserving of this recognition.

Guy N. Magness, MD, (1899-1982) earned his medical degree at the School of Medicine in 1928. He began his career as a school physician and in 1931 rose to become director of medical services for University City Public Schools, where he served for 40 years. He also held the position of director of health for University City from 1952 to 1981, gaining recognition as a leader in the field of health problems in public education. In 1963, he co-chaired a polio vaccination drive, and more than a million St. Louisans were immunized as a result. He was in the Army Medical Corps in World War II and retired from the Army reserve as a colonel.

Ella Mae Magness (1905-2000) was Missouris director of public health from the late 1930s to the early 1940s. In the late 1940s, she was the western regional director of public health covering seven states. She earned a certificate in nursing in 1928 and a bachelors degree in nursing in 1937, both from Washington University School of Nursing. She earned a masters degree in public health from Columbia University in New York, and she served in the U.S. Armys Nurse Corps during World War II, attaining the rank of lieutenant colonel.

Washington University School of Medicines 1,500 faculty physicians also are the medical staff of Barnes-Jewish and St. Louis Childrens hospitals. The School of Medicine is a leader in medical research, teaching and patient care, ranking among the top 10 medical schools in the nation by U.S. News & World Report. Through its affiliations with Barnes-Jewish and St. Louis Childrens hospitals, the School of Medicine is linked to BJC HealthCare.

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Pham named Guy and Ella Mae Magness Professor of Medicine - Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis

Recommendation and review posted by Alexandra Lee Anderson

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Global NANOTECHNOLOGY IN MEDICAL APPLICATIONS Statistics, CAGR, Outlook, and Covid-19 Impact 2016 The Bisouv Network – The Bisouv Network

Nanotechnology in Medical Applications: The Global Market

This report discusses the implications of technology and commercial trends in the context of the current size and growth of the pharmaceutical market, both in global terms and analyzed by the most important national markets. The important technologies supporting nanomedicine are reviewed, and the nature and structure of the nanomedicine industry are discussed with profiles of the leading 60+ companies, including recent merger and acquisition (M&A) activity. Five-year sales forecasts are provided for the national markets including the major therapeutic categories of products involved. Specific product categories quantified include diagnostics, cancer, CNS, anti-infective agents, cardiovasculars and anti-inflammatories.

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Report Includes:

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An overview of the global markets for nanotechnology used in medical applications

Analyses of global market trends, with data from 2016, estimates for 2017, and projections of compound annual growth rates (CAGRs) through 2022

A review of technologies involved, in-depth analysis of applications in practice, and evaluation of future or potential applications

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Information on many significant products in which the nano dimension has made a significant contribution to product effectiveness

A look at the regulatory environment, healthcare policies, demographics, and other factors that directly affect nanotechnology used in medicine

Analysis of the markets dynamics, specifically growth drivers, inhibitors, and opportunities

Coverage of strategies employed by companies specializing in nanomedicine to meet the challenges of this highly competitive marketSummary

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Nano-enabled medical products began appearing on the market over a decade ago, and some have become best-sellers in their therapeutic categories. The principal areas in which nanomedical products have made an impact are cancer, CNS diseases, cardiovascular disease and infection control. The Summary Table gives estimates of the historical and current markets for these nanomedicine areas with a forecast through 2022.

The U.S. market is by far the largest in the global nanomedicine market and is set to continue to dominate the world marketplace; however, other national markets are expected to increase their shares over the next five years.

Reasons for Doing the Study

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Nanomedicine is already an established market. Unlike some other potential applications of nanotechnology, which are still largely experimental, nanomedicine has already produced some significant products in which the nano dimension has made a significant contribution to product effectiveness. Now that aspects of the nanomedicine market are established, it is appropriate to review the technology, see its practical applications so far, evaluate the participating companies and look to its future.ABLYNX NV













































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Global NANOTECHNOLOGY IN MEDICAL APPLICATIONS Statistics, CAGR, Outlook, and Covid-19 Impact 2016 The Bisouv Network - The Bisouv Network

Recommendation and review posted by Alexandra Lee Anderson

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