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Youve probably heard about the muscle gain / weight loss therapies that base their claims on the effects human Growth hormone (HGH) can have on the body.

The theory is that HGH promotes muscle development and reduces the bodys fat storage, therefore enhancing weight loss and bodybuilding efforts.

But does it really work, or is HGH therapy just another fad?

That is the question we are going to explore in this article and we will leave no stone unturned.

HGH is a naturally occurring hormone produced by the pituitary gland and its function is to fuel growth and development. It boosts the bodys natural ability to rebuild tissue, promotes muscle growth, stimulates brain function, boosts energy and regulates the metabolism.

The levels of HGH in the human body are highest when we are teenagers. As we age, the body begins to produce less HGH. Studies have shown that those who are overweight tend to have lower than average HGH levels. Could this HGH deficiency be the cause of obesity? And if so, will hGH injections for weight loss be an effective therapy?

In 1990, the New England Journal of Medicine published the results of a study in which HGH injections were administered to adults. The results were convincing: subjects showed an average of 8.8% in muscle gain and 14% loss of body fat. Needless to say, the results of this study were somewhat controversial with many critics citing the potentially negative effects of HGH injections. However, and additional study published in 1999 by the US National Institutes of health combined HGH with calorie restrictions with similar results.

However, the fact remains that the physiological processes promoted by HGH would promote muscle gain and weight loss. Heres how:

Human Growth Hormone causes the liver to secrete a hormone known as IGF-1. The metabolic effects of this hormone are well-known. Stored fat in the form of triglycerides are broken down and converted into energy. There is less translocation of sugars from the bloodstream into cells and the body retains less sodium, phosphates and water. Many overweight people actually suffer more from water retention than excessive fat storage. Another beneficial effect of HGH is the stimulation of protein production hence its muscle building reputation. In fact, HGH use is banned in the Olympic Games and other athletic events for exactly this reason.

HGH can definitely boost weight loss and promote muscle development, but there are some additional benefits too.

At this point having learnt about hGH for weight loss, you may be wondering Where can I get HGH injections? So far, everything sounds too good to be true, so whats the catch? Here it is: using HGH injections for weight loss or bodybuilding has several associated health risks. By injecting HGH rather than letting the pituitary gland do its job, you experience unnaturally high levels of HGH. You can definitely have too much of a good thing, and side effects of HGH weight loss injections include:

HGH injections side effects can be pretty dangerous at worst, uncomfortable at best. Even if you decide that all these risks are worth taking, you will have difficulty in obtaining HGH for fat loss. It is a controlled substance and because of the risk factors, doctors will not give you prescription HGH.

You might think its a good idea to buy HGH injections online from some site that offers Human Growth Hormone for sale. Its not legal. Getting it on the black market means you could be getting anything -not necessarily HGH at all and you run the risk of falling foul of the law. Even supposing you can get hold of it, you will certainly pay a small fortune for a course of HGH online or anywhere else. The bottom line is: dont buy injectable HGH. But there is still some good news, Sermorelin Acetate offers an excellent alternative. Read on to find out more!

We have already ascertained that injecting yourself with HGH is extremely risky, expensive and inadvisable, but theres more than one way to achieve any end. If you want to boost your HGH levels, you can also do it by stimulating your pituitary gland to produce more HGH. You may be asking yourself if thats not exactly the same as directly injecting HGH. It isnt. Heres the science behind this idea.

Sermorelin Acetate is not a growth hormone. It is a growth hormone-releasing hormone or GHRH. It gets to work on the pituitary gland which in turn releases more HGH. So far so good, but why is it a healthier approach than HGH injections and how does Sermorelin work?

Simply put, your endocrine system will simply not allow your pituitary gland to produce too much HGH. You cannot end up with an overdose. The concentration of HGH will remain within healthy parameters.

The connections between sermorelin, bodybuilding, weight loss and HGH are already known. However, the cost and the risks are high. By encouraging the body to produce its own HGH, Sermorelin injections offer a safe way to take advantage of the benefits of HGH while eliminating the risks of overdosing and reducing the chances of side-effects.

The bodybuilding community has a lot to say about the benefits of Sermorelin, but many of these users confuse Sermorelin with steroids. There is a big difference. Using steroids is dangerous and unhealthy and results in massive hormone imbalances in the body. Sermorelin has none of these effects.

Admittedly, using Sermorelin hGH therapy is banned in athletics because it is felt that the increased muscle and endurance it imparts amounts to an unfair advantage, but if youre not a competitive athlete, unfair advantages become perfectly fair!

Do you want extra energy and endurance? Why not? Would you like your body to burn more fat? Absolutely! Do you want your muscles to recover faster and bulk up quicker? Why not? Best of all, youre doing it by using your bodys natural ability to synthesize enough, but not too much growth hormone. Sermorelin, bodybuilding and weight loss go hand in hand.

Weight loss is all about burning fat. If your HGH levels are low, your body is more inclined to hang onto fat and as we age, we have a higher percentage of body fat compared to lean muscle. Thats because our HGH levels decrease after our teens and continue to do so throughout our lifespan.

By boosting our HGH levels naturally, we persuade our bodies that extra fat storage is unnecessary and that fat should be burned to give us energy. This extra energy can be applied to extra exercise which in turn burns even more fat. The result is an exponential increase in our ability to shed those extra kilograms.

Sure, you can lose a lot of weight by crash-dieting, but since most of the weight you lose will consist of muscle, youre not doing yourself any favors. As if that werent enough, crash dieting makes the body think that it had better store away some extra fat as soon as it can in case you start starving yourself again. You end the diet and what happens? Massive weight gain!

Sermorelin for weight loss allows you to lose weight naturally. Your body isnt ringing any alarm bells, in fact, its healthier and stronger than ever before. You lose weight and it stays off.

Because Sermorelin promotes HGH secretion by the pituitary gland, you will experience all the benefits of HGH without any of the dangers associated with injecting HGH. These benefits include positive effects on:

Your endocrine system regulates itself, so youll never have too much and your pituitary gland gets used to producing more HGH rather than being suppressed. In simple terms, you experience the rejuvenating effects of HGH in a safe and cost-effective way.

It is always best to be guided by your prescribing health care professional when determining how much Sermorelin you should take. As a general guideline, a commonly prescribed Sermorelin dosing protocol is 3-9mg per month broken up into daily 100-300mcg shots. Recommended bodybuilding and weight loss dosages are generally the same for men and women since human growth hormone is produced at similar amounts in both sexes.

When adding GHRP-2 or GHRP-6 to the mix for added performance benefits, prescribed dosages also commonly range between 100-300mcg per daily injection. Your health care practitioner may recommend less or more depending on your individual circumstances so it is always best to follow the instructions you are given by them.

As for Sermorelin cycle length, studies have shown that the greatest benefits from hGH replacement therapy occur 6-12 months after continuous treatment. But once again, you should be guided by your doctor as to the optimal cycle length for your needs.

When you are ready to begin using Sermorelin, a decision that often needs to be made is whether or not to add GHRP-2 and/or GHRP-6 to your hGH replacement therapy protocol. This is a decision which is best made via consultation with the doctor prescribing the peptides for you.

They will likely take into account your individual goals to determine which is the better option for you. For example, Sermorelin on its own is excellent for anti-aging benefits such as increasing energy, strengthening joints and connective tissue, healthier hair, skin and nails and improving general muscle tone and weight loss efforts.

The Sermorelin/ GHRP-6 / GHRP-2 blend on the other hand is likely to more powerfully improve growth hormones levels so may be more suitable for individuals who want to trim down but also add muscle bulk (as opposed to just toning existing muscle).

The answer to this questions is obvious: its safer, its more natural and it wont cost you an absolute fortune. In addition, you can get Sermorelin Acetate from a reputable pharmacy provided you have a doctors prescription. Once thats done, you can experience all the Sermorelin results without the synthetic HGH risks. The Sermorelin cost and safety are the primary deciding factors.

We have already looked at some of the dangerous side effects of HGH when it is administered directly. We know that Sermorelin is less dangerous, but what are the specific Sermorelin side effects?

Compared to HGH, these are very mild. You may have some pain, swelling or redness at the injection site and a few people experience headaches, flushed skin, dizziness, hyperactivity or sleepiness. You could also get hives, a temporary skin rash. Not everybody experiences these side-effects in fact very few people do and none of the side-effects presents a serious danger to your health.

You only have to compare the side effects listed for each of these treatments, HGH and Sermorelin, on to see what a marked difference there is and that Sermorelin is the better, safer option.

Not all doctors support the use of Sermorelin for weight loss and muscle building. However, you can get medical support online and if the doctor believes that Sermorelin might work for you, he/she will supply you with a prescription that allows a US pharmacy to ship the treatment directly to you.

Your telemedicine provider (online doctor) will not sell any products directly to you that way, you know that he or she has no vested interests in selling any product and you can buy Sermorelin injections (Performance Peptides) without having to worry about scams.

Let the buyer beware: You can buy Sermorelin online, but if anyone tries to sell you Sermorelin without a prescription, theyre probably not selling Sermorelin at all!

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