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Low T Treatment, also known as Testosterone replacement therapy or TRT, has become a much more common treatment for both men and women in recent years.

Because of this, options for treatment of Low T have also grown, but what can one expect testosterone replacement therapy to cost?

Most of the testosterone replacement therapy cost is covered by insurance, and affordable cash plans are also available.

Your choices are numerous, and Low T clinics and centers seem to be everywhere.

However, not all treatments and clinics are created equal. When we say that we are Setting the Standard, we are stating that we are committed to giving you the highest quality of care.

This goes beyond the standard testosterone replacement therapy cost beyond the mere dollar amount. The value of that is substantial, and it is something you will see once you meet with our dedicated providers.

At Testosterone Centers of Texas we will always work hard to provide superior service that places solid patient care atop a long list of priorities that keep our standards high.

With TCT, you receive personalized care that improves your quality of life without sacrificing your overall healthand you receive all of this in an efficient and streamlined manner.

We believe that men and women who suffer from the symptoms of Low T should expect a high level of care and expertise alongside affordability of treatment.

Consultations for prospective patients are free!

You can call or come by at any time to speak with one of our knowledgeable providers about your symptoms and whether or not TRT might be right for youjust click here to set up a free consultation.

To make sure that men and women who need treatment can get treatmentand not avoid contacting us because of a potentially high testosterone replacement therapy cost we do accept insurance, and we also have an affordable cash plan.

If you expect testosterone replacement therapy to cost a lot, you might be in for a surprise.

For insured patients, your benefits can be verified before your first visit and your pricing will be dependent upon your individual plan.

For those patients paying out-of-pocket, we offer an initialevaluation of total and free testosterone for just $25.

If you decide that the testosterone replacement therapy cost is outweighed by all the benefits of feeling like yourself again, and you want to proceed with treatment, the cost of the initial evaluation is applied to the month-to-month cash fee of $299/month, and this pricing covers visits, injections, and in-house labs.

Contact us today to schedule your free consultation!

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