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Now in my third year being privileged to practice urology here in Harlan, I want to express my thanks to the community for being such a welcoming place. Even though I have three more years to go on my current contract, I have no intention to leave when that expires.

With the absolutely super way everyone treats me in the community and in the hospital, Id be foolish to leave. I offer sincere appreciation for your acceptance of me in Harlan.

I have the best scopes, lasers and office nurses in the world and enjoy a large practice that continues to grow. I try to treat all patients as family and I have given Harlan and the surrounding areas new and modern treatments that were absent here.

Before I get specific about even more new treatments to come since this is Kentucky basketball news comes first. In my humble opinion, UK lost in the NCAA Tournament last spring not because of refereeing, but because of a lost opportunity.

I wrote Coach Cal that I still had a year of college eligibility left. (I had been accepted into medical school after only three years of college.) While explaining to Cal that, though I may be old and slow, I can still shoot 92 percent from the foul line and promised I would get 90 percent of loose balls.

Sadly, he never replied. He probably thought DeAaron Fox was a better fit. The rest, as they say, is history. Wait until next year!

To be serious now:

The FDA has approved a new drug (called Radicava) for Lou Gehrigs disease. Its the first drug approved for this in 20 years. It should substantially slow the disabling symptoms of the disease. My aunt Naomi died of this, her mental status intact but slowly becoming paralyzed. I have a few patients in my practice with this dreaded disease. This drug offers new promise.

An additional side effect of testosterone replacement has been reported. I am reluctant to use testosterone injections or creams because the side effects outweigh the benefits. I have told my patients that testosterone replacement can cause heart attacks, strokes, and diabetes. Now added to the list is inflammatory diseases and even cancer of the bowel. As a reminder, added testosterone will increase energy and sex drive, but will not cure erectile dysfunction.

Any patient who has formed kidney stones and is not on a stone prevention program will have a 100 percent chance of forming new stones. No such prevention program was present in this community until I arrived. I have placed nearly 500 patients with kidney stones on that program. To my knowledge, none have had a reoccurrence. Every week I see five to ten new patients with a history of stones who have had anywhere from two to 30 surgeries. Its my job to correct this, and prevent new ones from forming.

A study has just been released indicating that a female who drinks only one alcoholic beverage per day will increase her risk of developing breast cancer.

In July, medical news broke that electronic cigarettes can and will cause bladder cancer.

I usually avoid politics in my articles but Ill make an exception in the case of President Donald Trump. The chief executive of the countrys government should be presidential, dignified and believable. When Trump took office, half of Americans believed him to be dishonest. That number is now closer to two-thirds. Im sad to say that I voted for him.

Its past time for Mr. Trump to represent the country, stop tweeting, and be the President we need him to be. He is capable of uniting this great country.

On a much more pleasant note, Id like to give a shout out to my colleague, Dr. Jameel Butt, recently named Best Surgeon in a survey done by this newspaper. He has served Harlan as a general surgeon for over two decades now.

I agree with the communitys assessment that they have in Dr. Butt a gentleman who is very knowledgeable, very dedicated, and an excellent surgeon. I consider it an honor and a privilege to have him as a friend and a fellow physician whom I respect very much.

Seymour Kilstein, DO, is a urologist at the ARH Daniel Boone Clinic

New advances in medicine, basketball and politics

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