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The UFC and the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) seemed like a match made in heaven when the two partnered up in 2015. The use of testosterone replacement therapy had gotten out of hand, and fighters were walking around looking like they jumped out of comic books. Already huge men like Vitor Belfort and Alistair Overeem were seen as inhuman due to their size. USADA was here to fix that.

Since that fateful summer day in 2015, USADA has suspended dozens, if not hundreds, of fighters for drug use. From the biggest of names like UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones to lesser-known fighters that you may not even be aware of. USADA was supposed to bring integrity to the promotion. It was supposed to let fans know that the fights were clean and the fighters were held to regular and fair standards. Thats become anything but the case in the eyes of many.

Fans are now beginning to have doubts about the USADA partnership with the UFC. Too many head-scratching rulings, inconsistent penalties, and just too many allowances given to too many big-time fighters, while others are left swinging in the wind. Fighters who dont draw as much or arent as close to top brass wait months, if not years to have their cases heard. Its become a practice that has bothered many. This is why the recent news surrounding one MMA pioneer has fans really bothered.

Like with Jessica Penne. The 36-year-old UFC fighter announced shed recently been suspended a whopping four years for a positive drug test. The length is due to it being her second offense, the first of which she claims was due to a tainted supplement. USADA agreed with the findings but suspended her anyway.

Similar cases happened with Bellator heavyweight Josh Barnett and UFC middleweight, Yoel Romero. Both men claimed to have taken tainted supplements, USADA agreed, and neither men were suspended beyond the time they served provisionally during the investigation. Penne had the same situation, only this time USADA wasnt so lenient. USADA gave her a four-year ban for, as Penne put it, an extremely low level of stanozolol(picogram levels).

Fans are noticing however that certain fighters curry favor with USADA, as a certain champion is actively fighting with picogram levels in his system.

This brings us to Nate Diaz, whom the officials at USADA notified right before his fight with Jorge Masvidal that he had a positive drug test to his name. USADA claimed that he had elevated levels, and even suggested to Diaz it was probably from a tainted supplement. Diaz refuted the accusation and forced the UFCs hand by saying he wasnt going to fight until he was cleared. Less than 24 hours later, thats what USADA did. Which left fans wondering if Diaz got special treatment.

Is Penne is being treated differently compared to how Jones and Diaz were treated? It sure seems like it. Diaz was given the benefit of the doubt, and his case was apparently rushed in 24 hours to ensure the big fight with Masvidal happened. For Jones, the UFC moved an entire event just to make sure Jones didnt miss his fight.

USADA seems to be willing to help out the fighters and the UFC when big bucks are on the line. Meanwhile, fighters like Penne, Barnett, Romero, and others are left to fend for themselves. Fans no longer expect consistency from USADA. After all, USADA agreed that Penne and Diaz both took tainted supplements. Yet one was allowed to fight the very next day, and the other (Penne) was given 18 months.

Fans are growing more and more frustrated with the pairing of USADA and the UFC, and the legitimacy and integrity of the testing has grown suspect in the eyes of the fans. Many no longer have faith in USADA, and if you dont have the publics trust, you cant be reiled upon to be taken seriously.

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USADAs fan support is weaning in light of recent inconsistencies - FanSided

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