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In my article on the benefits of testosterone replacement therapy, I talked about my decision to go on TRT at the age of 29.

In the prime of my life, I discovered I hadthe testosterone levels of a geriatric (old man).

How and when symptoms of low testosterone manifest, depends on the individual. Some men dont suffer until they get into the 300 levels, other suffer horrendously at levels of 500.Personally, it wasnt until my testosterone hit 400, that things took a turn for the worse.

Myperformance in the gym plummeted, my relationships began to suffer and I felt like a shadow of my former self.

I was completely lostin a fog of anxiety and depression. I had hit rock bottom.

No amount of mindfulness prepares you for the way you feelwhen your hormones falloff acliff. I honestly didnt knowif I cared whether I lived or not.

But there was still a part of me that refused to accept defeat. I thought if Im going to live, then I want to live a life of quality and I innately knew it meant going on TRT.

I see literally countless guys withsymptoms of low T, yet almost all of them refuse to acknowledgethe condition.

If you want a mediocre life then thats your choice.It was never an option for me.

The Next Step

After some sleepless nights,I decided to seek treatment for my condition. There were some mental blocks.

I have mentioned this elsewhere but I feel its important to stress. I spent hours readingJay Campbells book,The Definitive TRT MANual.

Over and over again, I poured thru it. Highlighting passage after passageuntil the scientific terms began to sink in. I supplementedJays bookbyvoraciously consumingthe content from theExcel Male Forum.

Manyyoung men undergoinghormone replacement therapy are encouraged to start onClomid in order to maintain their fertility. After research and discussionswith men who were treated with Clomid, I decided I wasnt comfortable with it as a treatment option.

Fortunately, my doctor listened to my concerns and allowed me to choose my treatment protocol. Iopted to go on TRT.(It must be stated it is rare to have a Physician offer a man of child bearing age TRT without first using a less disruptive HPTA medication like Clomid or beta hCG.) Due to my awareness and knowledge of others my age using Clomid, I didnt want to start down that pathway and adequately proved my case to my Doctor.

I began my therapy by working with mydoctor while closely analyzingmy blood work. I took tests every 3-4weeks to see the effects it had on my body. Due to the depth of my knowledge from reading Jays book and my online research,I didnt leave everything up to my doctor.

I lived life bymy motto:my health, my responsibility.

At first, reading lab results made my head spin. It was brutal trying to make sense of thedifferent lab tests and reference ranges. Eventually the test readouts began to make more sense.I read books on lab tests and googled every term I didnt understand. Im now at the point where I can comfortably read blood work.

I have to admit there were times I was impatient and wondered whether the treatment wouldever work. It took a couple of months before I started to notice the effects of TRT. The so called life changing feelings I had heard and read so much about.

The enhanced focus anddrive from TRT allowed me tochannelmy energy more efficiently in the gym.Ive never been in such good physical condition,and Im confident (due to my neurological efficiency improving as I age), things will only improve from here.

Before TRT, and due to my lack of balance between testosterone and estrogen, I lost my temper a lot more. Now I feel there is a calm undercurrent in every aspect ofmy life.

I still experienceemotional ups and downs, but overall I feel more grounded.Im bolder and want to take more risks. In fact, a few months ago I left my home in the UK to moveto another country.

Im 100% convinced optimizing my hormonal health with Testosterone had something to do with it.

APicture Says A ThousandWords

Take a look at the two pictures of me.

The first picture is the day I started TRT back in January. I look worried and unconfident.

In fact I remember that day vividly; I had filled my testosterone prescription but had been putting offinjecting for weeks. I was on the verge of a changing my life, but I was paralyzed with fear.

It took me a while to finally find the courageto act.

Fast forward 6 months later, in the second photoI look and appear more confident. My physique reflects the way I feel inside. I am proud of myself and who I have become.

I can honestly say, testosterone has given me back the energyIhad lost. It has also made me a Man with an unrelenting passion and drive to achieve more.

How You Can Take Control of Your Life

I cannot emphasize this enough. It is CRUCIAL youfind a doctor who trulyunderstands hormone replacement therapy.

Just because they have a title in front of their name doesnt meanshit.

Trust me on this.

If you have to pay more or travel further to get the right doctor then its worth it.

Working with a doctor inexperienced at managing male endocrine systems will leave you worse off than before you started.

Here are the behaviors of a Doctor who doesnt know how to improve male hormonal health:

Do your research and know the risks and side effects.

Even if my I had lost some hair and had to deal with an increase inacne (as a minor side effect of TRT), I can assure you, I wouldnt have cared!

If youve ever suffered from the symptoms of Low Testosterone, you would know its not a life worth living.

Most of the storiesyouve been fed about the dangers oftestosterone are totalbullshit.

If you want toknow the truth about TRT,READ JAYS BOOK!

Real Knowledge is POWER!

Create theRight Environment

Just like a plantneeds water and sunlight to thrive, TRT needs the right environment in order to flourish.

How do you create it? The answer is by leading a TRT-friendly lifestyle.

A TRT-friendly lifestyle means minimizingif not eliminatingalcohol consumption altogether. Thats right. I said it. GET RID OF ALCOHOL.

To all the drunks reading this, Im talking to you. You want a better body, mind and life? Ditch the spirits.Alcohol promotes estrogen conversion (beer belly anyone?).

You should also lift weights several times a week for lean muscle gainand do steady-state cardio forheart health. And you should regularly sleep between 5-7 hours a night and follow asolid nutrition plan that works for you.

Does this sound like a lot of work? If it does, then maybe you should reconsider your thoughts about using TRT.

If you want exceptional results on TRT, you need be prepared tolive an exceptional life! Alife filled with choices that requireeffort and diligence.

Lazy, unmotivated, unwilling togrindMen should stop reading now. If that is you, go ahead and close out this window.

In the year prior to TRT,I had given up alcoholand somewhatdialed in my nutrition. I understood how to trainto get the typeof physique I wanted, but I didnt have the results to show for it.

Because I had thefoundation in place, (special thanks to Jim Brown and Jay Campbell for their tutelage) once I started TRT, itwas like one of thestreet race scenes fromthe Fast and the Furious wherethey press the NOS button


Remember the old adage, If you build it, itwill come?

I can honestly say when utilizing the services of a progressive TRT physician, combined withcreating an optimal personalized health care environment,your therapy willflourish.

Final Thoughts

You must understand Testosterone Replacement Therapy is still on the bleeding edge.

Mostdoctors without an accepted standard of patient care model to rely on, simply have no clue. But that doesnt mean there are not excellent progressive physicians available to you. Do your homework.

Thehuman endocrine system is too finelybalanced to allow an incompetent doctor to come in and mess it up. Ensure you find an experienced progressive doctor who knows thebusiness of male hormonal health.

If you dont know how to train or what to eat-do yourself a favor and learn from those who do. Consult with Jay Campbell and Jim Brown.

Read books and expand your mind. Learn to think for yourself.

Take control of your own health. Dont leave it in the hands of an outdated and imploding medical system designed on treating sick people.

Nothing is ever given to you in this world, you have to go out there and take it.

Im not here to lie to you. TRTis a big decision and a lifelong commitment. Yes-a lifelong commitment.

You need to ask yourself ifyoure prepared to do what it takes to make TRT work for you. If you are expecting things to change overnight, this will simply not happen.

I still have a long road ahead to possessthe kind of physiqueand mindset I desire.

Massive success requires massive effort.


Something rarely discussed when it comes to TRT: energy alignment.

When your hormones are optimized and your body is structurally whole,your energy is aligned.

This positions youto make massive inroads towards elevating your consciousness/chi/spirituality.

Being in a state of energy alignment gives you the ability toappreciate life for the wondrous enjoyment it provides.

It allows you to live a life filled with gratitude.

Based on what youve just read, why not choose a hormonally optimized life?

I know I have and life has never been better. Onward and upward.

UPDATE: Find out What Happens After 1 Year of TRT.

Daniel Kelly is a passionate 30 year old hormonally optimized Millennial. His mission is to motivate the unmotivated thru his blogging on training, consciousness and energy management.

What Happens After 6 Months of TRT - TOT Revolution

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