Transhumanism: Robots, Cyborgs and Artificial …

Transhumanism is a global intellectual movement supporting the use of science and technology in order to improve human health, well-being and mental capacities. Many in the Transhumanism movement believe that disability, disease, and even aging are all aspects of the human condition that we shall be able to overcome in the future.

Using the very latest technologies, including biotechnology, advocates claim that every ailment and frailty will one day be a thing of the past. Our minds will be improved with the use of Artificial Intelligence and we'll be plugged in 100% of the time.

Join world-leaders in this new paradigm, Prof. Noel Sharky and Prof. Kevin Warwick, as they discuss the implications, technologies and oppositions to this modern day sci-fi world.

Welcome to YOUR future, the future of all mankind

Filmed in association with Edge Media TV.

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