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A Ms Mojo countdown of reality shows that couldnt be made now, documentary Forever Young and web series Death Land are just three of the great things available to watch on Play Stuff right now.

Need a little light relief this weekend? Then Play Stuff is here to help.

Amongst the more than 20,000 titles, ranging from short-form news reports to movie-length documentaries, there are locally made comedic web series and compilations of some of the funniest moments from TV and cinema.

For those wanting something a bit more serious, there are also features on subjects of national and global importance.

Below are a trio of ideas to get you started.

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A lot of people are scared of death. But some people, including The Guardians Leah Green, think about it an unhealthy amount. In this seven-part 2019 series, she looks at ways for us to come to terms with our mortality.

Episodes focus on how visualising death can help us accept it, Green spending a day with terminally ill patients, meeting an end-of-life doula and interviewing members of the radical life extension movement.


This 2016 Vice short-documentary explores a unique church in Hollywood, Florida that believes immortality is imminent.

Our guide Claire Evans takes a look at the psychology of the church's members, the history of transhumanism and anti-ageing and the reaction of the mainstream medical community to some of these ideas. Is it just a front for shilling vitamins? Or is it actually the vanguard of the possibility that humans might one day conquer death?


While many of us think that reality television has hit new lows in recent years, this Ms Mojo compilation aims to prove that some of the earlier ideas were actually far more out there and unlikely to fly in these more enlightened times.

Included in the line-up are the plastic surgery madness of I Want A Famous Face, the ugly pre-Bachelorette deception of Playing it Straight and the self-explanatory Are You Hot?

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