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At The Beet,we're looking for different ways to amplify Black creators in the plant-based space.To show solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and Black vegan influencers who inspire us daily, we put together a list of 10 creators to add to your social media feed. Follow and support these vegans now and forever. If youre looking for Black vegan businesses to show your patronage, check out our story here.

Ashley is a vegan creator focusing on promoting plant-based food, smart tech, and sustainable lifestyle content. She shares easy to recreate vegan recipes that are nutritious and colorful as well as helpfulvegetable gardening tipsto start your own at-home harvest. Ashley is also trained in rescuing injured animals and has saved a few ill and injured creatures during the COVID-19 pandemic. Follow her on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and read her blog, Travel Lushes.

Rachel is an ultra-popular vegan YouTuber, blogger, and the author of the cookbook, Rachel Amas Vegan Eats. Her food hacks are epicdont miss her tips for making the perfect hummus. Her Youtube videos are some of the most helpful, instructional, fun-to-watch vegan content available. If you have a sweet tooth, get to baking her apple cake. Rachel is expecting and recently shared her pregnancy journey and experience with illness from COVID-19. Follow her on Instagram, YouTube, and on her namesake blog, Rachel Ama.

Cecilia is a vegan chef focused on crafting traditional Latino dishes to be vegan-friendly. Shes the queen of a veggie grill out, you havent lived until youve tried BBQ cabbage. Her drool-worthy creations are savory and scrumptious. Follow her on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and her blog, Coco Verde Vegan.

Koya is one of the most popular yoga instructors on the gram with almost a million followers, and shes also vegan! In her holistic health school for women of color, Get Loved Up, she educates about vegan cooking, mindful living, and more. Koya is also an expert in mediation and breathwork which compliments a vegan diet for a healthy life. Follow her on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and her namesake website, Koya Webb.

Torre is a fitness coach and bodybuilder who was raised vegetarian and has been vegan for over two decades. Hes proof that you can be super strong and vegan, and crushes the notion that you need animal protein to build muscle. He uses his sage insight into health and fitness to share vegan-friendly nutrition guides weekly. Follow him on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and his namesake website, Torre Washington

Monique is a plant-based influencer dedicated to showing folks how easy it can be to go vegan. She caters many of her tips to families, so if you're trying to help your loved ones become more plant-based, definitely give her a follow. Youll find drool-worthy recipes across her social media platforms that will inspire you to whip something up new in the kitchen. Follow her on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and her blog, Brown Vegan.

Lauren is the rightfully self-declared Queen of Green and an epic vegan chef. She creates picturesque plant-based dishes with healing ingredients for many celebs including Cardi B, Stevie Wonder, and Common with whom she recently did an IG live with about healthy living. Her book, Eat Yourself Sexy! The Goddess Edition, is a vegan cookbook with a foreword by her client Serena Williams. Follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

Berto is an NYC-based vegan creative focused on spreading messages of mental and physical health paired with accessible veganism. Turn to his channels for tips about plant-based nutrition and holistic lifestyle practices. Follow him on Instagram and YouTube. Dont forget to also follow his IG account dedicated to all the vegan junk food he eats, @WholeLottaFoodShit, youll want to try all of these dishes on the feed.

Jenn is a vegan chef who has been blogging about veganism for over a decade! She generously shares her delicious vegan Southern-inspired recipes on her IG feed including her sunflower Caesar salad, banana pancakes, and butternut squash chickpea tagine. You can find more of her phenomenal plant-based renditions in her vegan cookbook, Sweet Potato Soul. Follow her on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and her blog, Sweet Potato Soul.

Tik Tok megastar Tabitha is the brains behind the viral trend of the moment to prepare vegan renditions of the classic BLT sandwich. Youll also find recipes for BBQ jackfruit sandwich, ceviche, and more on her feeds. She makes vegan cooking fun with her hilarious how-to videos of her homemade recipes. Follow her on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and her website, I am Tabitha Brown.

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10 Black Influencers in the Vegan Instagram World to Follow - The Beet

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