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Miley Cyrus says it is 'a little over the top' to judge other people's diets

Ex-vegan Miley Cyrus says it is 'over the top' for vegans to be 'so invested in other people's diets'.

The celebrity recently revealed that she has ditched her vegan diet and now eats fish while appearing on a recent episode of Joe Rogan's podcast.

The star, who has since been blasted for spreading misinformation, said she needed to eat fish as her 'brain wasn't functioning properly', and is now 'eating for her brain type'.

Responding to Cyrus' revelations, Rogan said the vegans 'would come for her' after admitting she now eats animals, and the singer replied that they will come for her, but it's ok, as she is 'used to people coming for me'.

She added: "Listen, I give home, I have 22 animals on my farm in Nashville, I've got 22 in my house in Calabasas, like I'm doing what I need to do for the animals, okay? But when it comes to my brain - you're not vegan, you can't be vegan and living this kind and being this quick, but sure you can, some people can, I cannot [sic]."

Rogan asked what veganism did to her brain, and Cyrus replied: "Now I'm so much sharper than I was and I think that I was at one point pretty malnutritioned [sic]."

Now Cyrus has discussed the situation further during this morning's edition of the Edge morning show, as reported by NewsHub. The singer said she was 'expecting some backlash from the vegan community'.

"When I was vegan I was really worried about other people's diets and really judgey... it's a little over the top to be so invested in other people's diets," she said.

"If I was feeling at my best... and could learn how to live at a 110 percent living a vegan lifestyle I would have done... I just didn't get there."

Despite Cyrus' claims about a vegan diet and brain function, ND Dr. Matthew Nagra has spoken out about how 'fatigue (mental or physical) can be caused by a myriad of issues, which may not be diet-related, and theres no indication that she was seeking any medical care'.

"In addition, its important to note that the research on omega-3 supplements (EPA/DHA) and cognitive function is mixed, with potential benefit in older adults specifically. Of course, fish is a source of these omega-3s, but so is a vegan algae-based supplement," he wrote in an Instagram post.

"That being said, it is unclear if vegans even need to supplement since we produce EPA and DHA from short-chain omega-3s (ALA) in foods like flax and our levels dont vary much from fish eaters. Furthermore, those with genetically elevated levels dont seem to be protected against Alzheimers disease, which is why I just think of these supplements as an extra safety measure, to ensure you get enough."

He added: "Something that should give pause is when someone notices drastic improvements with a small dietary change. This SCREAMS placebo effect. On a physiological level, its impossible for a few meals of seafood to drastically change omega-3 levels, especially within the brain.

"This becomes even more likely when a vegan has constantly been told that their diet is deficient by those who clearly have not seen the data. We can start to believe itThat being said, we have no clue what Miley was actually eating.

"So before you see all the carnivore doctors posting about this negative anecdote, even though meat is a poor source of omega-3s, remember that an anecdote isnt science and the overwhelming body of evidence suggests that vegans/vegetarians have lower risk of many non-communicable diseases and all-cause mortality. Theres a reason that health professionals like @drgarthdavis and @brendadavisrd continue to thrive without any signs of slowing down."

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Ex-Vegan Miley Cyrus Says It's 'Over The Top' To Be Invested In Other People's Diets - Plant Based News

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