Veganism in Japan: "Small Vegan-Friendly Businesses are Appearing so Quickly it’s Hard to Keep Up" – vegconomist – the vegan business…

The Japan Times has recently reported a surge in plant-based and vegan-friendly food services across the country. A limited study shown by Vegewel suggests the number of vegans more than doubled from 1 % in 2017 to 2.1 % in 2019. The Vegan Society reports that in 2019 the UK had less than this figure at 1.16%.

Meat-heavy steakhouses and other eateries are becoming more vegan friendly. Smaller cafes are emerging that cater to plantbased diets and notably in vegan bakeries there has been a marked increase in veganised options; Japanese staples such as bread often contain milk powder, now being veganised, for example in the popular Shokupan bread.

Many Japanese foods might appear to be vegan; rice, vegetables and seaweed dishes are widely consumed but often contain fish powder. However, the market appears to be updating rapidly, to such a degree The Japan Times notes that small vegan-friendly businesses are appearing so quickly its hard to keep up.

The Happy Cow has 441 vegan specific eateries listed in Japan with 144 of those in Tokyo, a city which has seen a new generation of vegan bakeries and cafes arriving onto its cosmopolitan scene this spring including the 1110 Cafe and Bakery in Kawaguchi, Saitama. 1110 offers a wide selection of vegan bread including the Anpan, which is a fluffy Koppepan roll filled with rich coconut-based vegan butter and Anko (red bean). According to Japan Travel, the cafe also offers several creative to-go lunchbox options, which are all priced at 1,110 (under a euro).

According to the Japan Times, major chains are also adapting, with curry chain Coco Ichibanya adding a permanent vegan menu, as well as ramen chain Kyushu Jangara, and massive ramen provider Kagetsu Arashi temporarily brought back its veggie ramen, gyza dumplings and fried rice for the first time in six years. Also as we reported in March, Japans biggest burger chain Mos Burger added its vegan Green Burger to its menu across the country to great success.

Saiko Ohsara, owner of Universal Bakes and Cafe, stated: Although slowly, Tokyo is becoming a much more diverse place like major European capitals, New York or Melbourne. With all these people with different food cultures coming together, the need for inclusive options like vegan food is much higher than before.


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Veganism in Japan: "Small Vegan-Friendly Businesses are Appearing so Quickly it's Hard to Keep Up" - vegconomist - the vegan business...

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