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Many people today are veering away from a meat-based diet to vegetarianism. But a general belief is that if you turn vegetarian, you may not be able to get your daily requirement of protein. This is not true. There are many plant-based sources of protein that can, in fact, give you a health boost. It is better for your heart and can save you from many cancers too. According to a study at St. Michael's Hospital, substituting one to two servings of animal proteins with plant proteins every day could lead to a small reduction in the three main cholesterol markers for cardiovascular disease prevention. Researchers say that the health benefits could be even greater if people combined plant proteins with other cholesterol-lowering foods such as viscous, water soluble fibres from oats, barley and psyllium, and plant sterols. Here let us take a look at a few plant-based protein that you must add to your daily diet.

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Boost your longevity with these plant-based proteins - TheHealthSite

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