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SAN DIEGO Ever wonder why we are hearing more and moreabout vegetarianism and veganism?Vegetarianism in Americas 2017 study showed that 3.2 percent of all USadults, or approximately 7.3 million Americans, follow a plant-basedvegetarian diet. And 0.5 percent or 1 million persons are vegans. That might be the reason

With a national trend predominantly spawned by Millennials, and GenerationZs, people across the country are catching this trend.

The Mayo clinic, in their Healthy Lifestyle segment, helped to provideclarity to the variety of vegetarian diet types:

Vegetarian diets tend to be comprised of fewer processed foods. These foods arelower in calories, sugar, fat, cholesterol and sodium in the main.

According to the Mayo Clinic, a quality vegetarian diet consists of fruitsvegetables, whole grains, dairy (if permitted), protein sources andhealthy oils.

Meat for Vegetarians

Published in Harvard Health, the article Becoming a Vegetarian, speculates that a plant-based vegetarian diet helps reduce heart disease, some formsof cancer, diabetes. It may also help maintain a healthy weight level.

One of the greatest challenges vegetarians face is maintaining an adequateintake of protein.

According to Healthline, proteins are the building blocks of our organs, muscles, skin, hormonesand more.

Companies like Beyond Meat,Greenleaf Foods, Applegate Farms, Hormel Foods currently invest millions of dollars and more to findalternative solutions ensuring proper protein alternatives and otherhealth-enhancing properties.

For vegetarians today, the challenges and choices are becoming easier as morealternatives are finding creative and tasty solutions.

Restaurants are stepping up and offering vegetarian solutions forsatisfying a palate. These include a variety of casual fast-food chainsthat offer scrumptious alternatives to the traditional beef orchicken burger.

Healthline offers further recommendations for attaining the 46 grams ofdaily protein for women and 56 grams of daily protein for men:

Be certain to read the ingredients on food labels. Some explore vegetarian options, helping to ensure compliance with the vegetarian diet of choice.

An occasionalblood test for key elements is a simple process provided by your medical professional to ensure adequate vitamin, mineral and protein levels,

According to Veganbits, there are many reasons why Americans areturning to vegetarianism.

With health being the top reason, animal protection and personal disgust abouteating animals ranked close second and third reason. Other reasons mentioned included environmental, social and religious.

Jane Goodall

Whatever our age, socio-economic status, faith, gender, culture, orbeliefs regarding the environment, vegetarianism could ultimately become a unifying factor in creating a healthier, safer and more economicallycountry and a more stable world.

It would be wonderful if country-by-country, we could eliminate hunger as the food supply becomes more greatly plant-based. This could help create new sectorjobs, technologies, sustainable independence, more availability of foodand the reduction of disease.

Until next time, enjoy the ride in good health!

Headline image: The vegan Amy Burger at Amys Drive-Thru in Rohnert Park, California. Image via Wikipedia Commons, CC 2.0 license.

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Have a beef with vegetarianism? Find out what all the mooing is... - Communities Digital News

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