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Indian food is a great cuisine to try if a vegan lifestyle is what you're after, and these dishes are robust in flavor after every delicious bite.

There are times where dinner is just so mouth-watering, its impossible to make the leftovers last until the next morning. For some, thats using some of the best hearty beef tacos from L.A's restaurants, and for others, its a light vegan homemade staple dish. Indian food has such a rich and historical story behind each dish and ingredient. In fact, Indian cuisine dates back eight thousand years and introduced diverse flavors into many parts of the world. The traditional Indian food is none other than rice, whole wheat flour, various types of lentils, and pearl millet. However, many spices also originated from Indian territories.

Vegetarianism is a very common dietary lifestyle in India. Many practice vegetarianism as part of their Hinduism practice, although Hinduism does not require their practitioners to be vegetarians. However, it is said that both, Indians practicing Hinduism or other forms of religion follow a vegetarian and vegan diet as it purifies the body, mind, and environment, also known as their Dosha. Though fast-food restaurants can be found in India, many choose to live a healthier and cleaner lifestyle.

While Indian cuisine is not for everyone due to their strong spice flavors like curry and ginger, Indian recipes are a major hit around the world and many dishes can be found on the trendy list. Its predicted that cauliflower will be another huge hit in 2020, thus allowing Indian restaurateurs and households to produce vegan alternatives to their dishes and replacing chicken, beef, and lamb as their main ingredient. Restaurants in Vancouver are mainly using cauliflower due to its ability to soak up any flavor you choose to cook with it, while remaining firm, crunchy with a soft interior.

In many Indian restaurants and for locals who cook at home, a Vindaloo Curry is the spiciest thing on the menu. It originates from a traditional Portuguese dish thats simmered with garlic and wine. However, the Indian version commonly churned with fresh ginger, a ton of flavourful spices, and vinegar to replace the Portuguese wine.

This vegan vegetable-based curry can range in heat according to preference. A Vindaloo Curry can be cooked with chicken cubes or lamb, but this dish is preferred using cauliflowers and chickpeas and topped with orange slices, and colorful vegetables to create an indescribable combination of flavors. It is often served with fresh exotic fruits that are locally grown and sourced, and travelers can often find them at the open markets.

This flaming dish is an excellent dinner recipe on a cold and rainy evening. Curl up with a knitted blanket and a giant bowl of steamed basmati rice with a generous, heaping scoop of some veggie Vindaloo Curry and toasted garlic flatbread to get every inch of sauce.

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Often mistaken for butter chicken, tikka masala offers a unique blend of ingredients. Tikka Masala is made with a tomato and cream sauce spiced with an incredible mix of Indian spices. Using chickpea as its main ingredient, a vegan Tikka Masala has an earthy taste.

Tikka Masala was created by a Bangladeshi chef in the 1970s. However, unlike what many believe, Tikka Masala originates from Glasgow, Scotland,and not India or Bangladesh. The words Tikka Masala translates to a yogurt-based marinade. Whether youre eating a giant bowl for comfort as a midnight snack, rest assured a tikka masala is extremely good for your health, regardless of whether it contains chicken or chickpeas. Putting aside the brownish-orange color of this dish, the spices that make this delicious dish will also help you prevent a variety of diseases including cancerous diseases. Luckily this dish can also be prepared in advance and stored or slow-cooked to perfection for a perfectly home-cooked meal.

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If there are two culinary words that make me feel at home its potatoes and dumplings. The kofta is a Middle Eastern dish that was introduced into Balkan and Central Asian dishes. Potato Malai Kofta can also be found relaxing in a bowl of homemade tomato-cream chutney and topped with sauteed spinach, drizzled with coconut milk for additional color. Cashews are also blended to make a thick rich cream base and also add a great amount of protein.

Traditionally, this savory dish is made of cheese meatball dumplings and served with basmati rice or Naan bread. However, to create a vegan delicacy, the dumplings are replaced with fried Yukon Gold potatoes. Best of all, for all those obsessed with meal prepping, these fried balls of goodness can be made ahead and stored, with the sauce safely in a sealed jar on the side.

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The best way to detox your body is to do it the proper way with the right ingredients. Kitcharis are made of a mixture of two grains which allows this dish to be nourishing to the body and easy to digest. It is also said that this dish can cleanse the body and activate the de-aging cells in the body. It is composed of mung dal and basmati rice. Most importantly, this dish is made using only one pot which is great for a quick recipe. Adding vegetables, spices, and techniques, its very easy to create a traditional meal.

Kitchari is also known as The Chicken Soup of Ayurveda, this yellow dish is a mouth-watering stew to feed your soul. The ingredients also act as a total body repair, attacking each part of the body to fuse, cleanse, and calm.

This recipe also changes based on your dosha. There are three different doshas which come from your five different elements or also known as mind, body, and environment. Your dosha is a reflection on your past and present, always asking how you slept, how you ate, how you digested, and most importantly, how you deal under stress.

The lentil doughnut, also known as the Medu Vada, has a long and historical background, however, its always kept its identity as a South Indian fritter made with black lentils then deep-fried. The exterior should be crispy and crunchy, while the interior is soft and light. Served as a breakfast or heavier snack, the Medu Vada is a household staple but most of all, family favorite. Traced back to its originating town of Maddur which is now known as Karnataka, it is now a restaurateurs favorite in Mumbai.

Luckily, this donut-shaped doughnut is easy to make. For starters, black lentils are soaked for many hours. Using a grounder, it is then turned into a thick black paste and seasoned with many local favorites like fenugreek, cumin, black pepper, ginger, curry leaves, hot chilies, and coconut chunks. After it is patted into cute donut shapes, its fried until its golden brown. Once ready, it is then served hot with coconut chutney or yogurt.

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Vegan? Want To Try Indian Food? Here Are Your Choices | TheTravel - TheTravel

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